Give the gift of cosy – the cosy corner kit

We all know that one person who’s impossible to buy for; you want to treat them, to spoil them, but what do they really want or need? Often, it’s as simple as a little time off – so we put together this simple cosy corner kit to allow anyone to make a corner of their house a peaceful comfortable retreat.

This is a paid collaboration with Tesco, who have compensated me for sharing with you the new range. All product choices, opinions, reviews and photography are my own. Contains affiliate links – which frankly just help my coffee habit.

cosy corner kit of cushions, rug and candle
This winter’s cosy corner kit from Tesco. Yes really.

Come on now – who doesn’t want to come sit a while in the corner here? It’s so simple to do, not at all expensive – and yet sends such a strong signal that it’s okay to rest, to stop, to simply take a minute.

I’m working on the principle that everyone has a seat in their home (if you don’t, you might need to leave now, and concentrate on your basics first). In every house I know, there is the unused seat. The end of the sofa too near the TV, or the one close to the draught – the one that always surprises you with how comfy it is, because no one ever sits there?

That’s the one we’re going for – lets make it useful again. Because it might be in the dark days of winter that by gifting someone a throughtful ‘cosy corner kit’ what you are actually gifting them is permission and encouragement to sit down, take a break – you’re giving the precious gift of time.

And the ingredients in the Cosy Corner Kit gift pack?
So so simple – and infinitely flexible.
I went for:

  • 1 soft rug
  • 2 soft cushions
  • 1 fluffy throw cushion
  • 1 candle

The idea being it’s an entire cosy corner kit – the recipient lays them out, and then can’t resist clambering in amongst them. And every time they do so, they feel looked-after, appreciated and it’s just a bit of a hug for them.

gorgeous soft rug ansd cushion for a cosy corner kit
It’s snuggle season – and if the cushion in the Cosy corner kit says it, then you must obey.

First up on our cosy corner kit list is that gorgeously rich soft rug. It’s the Tesco Tartan Sherpa Throw, and it’s your big spend at £20. It’s a soft rich red tartan velour on one side, and the other is a textured sherpa fleece. it’s not heavy, but it’s softa nd warm and just the thing for a cosy corner sit down with a mug of tea.

Next is the splash of silly – that fluffy ‘Snuggle Season’ throw cushion. It’s a bit of fun, but it’s soft, pretty, and who can resist it at £8? And actually, stack it with some other pillows and it loks stylishly enticing. You’ve got to have some fun in your cosy corner kit.

a Cosy corner kit must incoude a scented candle jar

The additional cushions were selected from the Tesco Velour Cushions range – all £6, and six co-ordinating colours to select from. Cushions are an easy addition to any corner for added support, comfort and a refresh of a tired look for a new season. Pile a few cushions and you have the instant welcoming cosy factor.

Last we added that all-important candle. Everyone loves a scented candle, and the Tesco range are exceptionally good value at £5 for the largest 538g size. We picked the Spiced Berries & Apple as a deliciously warm wintery scent, and it is a top choice. We actually have this burning all evening, and it never seems to go down – it has a promised 85hrs burn time, and the scent is gentle and warming, not an overpowering one like so many candles.

You always know you got the cosy corner right when someone spontaneously drifts in and settles down. With YOUR book… and proceeds to mock it, obviously, whilst not actually leaving the cosy corner she just appropriated.


We spent £45 in all – but get creative and build something according to your budget. Go with something soft, warm and scented: even just one cushion and a candle would be enough to build that cosy corner feel.

The Autumn/Winter 2021 products featured are all available in stores, subject to availability. Everything on the list is also available for online ordering and delivery with your grocery shopping, subject to availability.

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