Give Someone a Life Changing Gift in 2015

How many times have you arrived at the end of one year and said to yourself: “new year, new me”?

This cycle of hope and subsequent disappointment is one that people across the world go through on a regular basis. Fortunately, however, things don’t have to be like that.

Giving someone a gift that can change their life is something that’s highly underrated but hugely valuable. Of course, the obligatory chocolates or perfume are safe choices when it comes to buying Christmas and birthday presents but if you really want to help someone improve their life then you need to think outside of the box a little.

Obviously, we understand that skirting the parameters of normality isn’t easy, so to help you make the right choices, here’s our top-three gifts for the person who wants to become a “better them” in 2015.

Yoga Sessions

by  Sergiu Alistar 

Modern life is stressful. Regardless of whether you’re a high-powered executive or a mother of three, coping with the demands of today’s world can be tough. Fortunately, there’s an ocean of clam in virtually every city across the UK. Yoga centres are becoming increasingly popular in many gyms because people are beginning to see both the physical and psychological benefits of the discipline. If you know someone who’s constantly on edge and in need of a break, there are few better ways to help them change for the better than send them to a yoga class. Most of the centres out there today are set-up to handle novices and for a small fee (around £5 per session) you can have your loved one doing the lotus position with a qualified instructor.

Driving Lessons

by  Kyle May

A lot of people take driving for granted, but if you’re someone that can’t drive (or is too afraid), life can be extremely restricted. Constantly asking people for a lift, never having the freedom to go anywhere of any distance independently and feeling confined to your immediate surroundings can all be somewhat depressing. Fortunately, freedom is just a few weeks and some new skills away.

Driving lessons make a great present for someone of any age because they are the proverbial “gift that keeps on giving”. Of course, before someone heads out onto the road they need to have a working knowledge of driving theory. So why not treat them to an online driving theory course as well? Giving someone the ability to fend for themselves is the gift that really can change someone’s life.

A Cookbook

It might seem like a simple present to give someone, but a cookbook can literally change someone’s life. Staying stress free and healthy is as much about focusing the mind as it is the body. However, you won’t be able to do either of these things if you don’t eat properly. Having a balanced, nutritious diet is the best way to improve your alertness, your mood and your overall health. A quick scan of Amazon’s best sellers will reveal a plethora of healthy eating cookbooks. But if you’re looking for some of the best examples of the genre you should check out Honestly Healthy by Natasha Corrett.

If you want to change someone’s life in 2015 then try to think of a gift that helps them to help themselves. Although we’ve given you some suggestions in this article, there are literally hundreds of ways you can shape a new person if you put a little thought into it.

Author: Laura

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