Gift Ideas for the One who has Everything

Christmas is coming and it’s time to start thinking of what to buy for everyone. The chances are, you know exactly what you’re getting most of the people in your life, from the shaving kit for your dad to the new sleepwear for your little sister.

Presents and Gifts under Christmas Tree, Winter Holiday Concept
Presents and Gifts under Christmas Tree
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However, don’t you find that there’s always that one person who has you stumped? There’s the best friend who already has everything she could possibly need or the aunt who doesn’t know what she wants gift-wise and will never reveal what she truly hankers after.

If you’re struggling for gift inspiration for that one person who seems to have it all covered, here are some ideas to help you out.

The Gift Experience

What do they love? Are they a comedy fan? Do they enjoy Formula One? Think about how much you want to spend and start searching for experiences that you know they’ll appreciate. There are lots of ways to treat them to something special, thank you gift ideas are exactly what you need. Perhaps you could buy a gift voucher for a spa treatment or see if their favourite artist is touring.

Christmas gift voucher
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 The lovely thing about this idea is that the gift is two fold: first of all they get to enjoy the surprise on Christmas Day, then they can enjoy the experience itself when they’re there.

The Useful Present

On the face of it, getting something useful for someone doesn’t sound very exciting, but by choosing something your friend or relative needs, you’re really showing you care. Your best friend might have the designer handbag and every piece of makeup by all the leading names, but she’s sure to have mentioned needing something over the last few months.

Perhaps your brother could do with a new side table – like one of these from Cox & Cox – or he’s been thinking of investing in some high-quality shelving for his lounge. Why not buy these items he’s mentioned and make them personal? You could give him a cactus to sit atop the shelving or a quirky mug that he can rest on the table.

Black Iron Side Tables from Cox & Cox
Black Iron Side Tables from Cox & Cox

The Thing Like the Other Thing

Does she already have something and could do with another? Maybe she already has some cushions and she could do with a matching throw or you’ve noticed that he doesn’t have the latest book by his favourite chef. If they’re into DIY, you could buy them a new storage unit for their tools or invest in a new helmet if they’re always cycling to the office. While they may not need to replace everything, it’s always nice to have an update.

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Whatever you buy, you’re sure to make them happy with the gifts you choose.

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