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Spring is finally closing in on us  – no really, it is! – and we can wave goodbye to the endless dark nights and chill of winter. The days are getting longer; the nights are getting shorter and flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring is definitely a feel-good season and a simple makeover to your home will instil this season’s feel good mantra. Here’s our three top areas for a quick Spring refresh…

The Living Room

Starting with the living room as this tends to be place you spend the most time in. A lick of paint is the easiest, yet most effective tool for completely changing a room.

A new warm Spring palette brightens up an old sofa – image courtesy of shutterstock

Opt for a springtime colour, a soft pastel that will evoke happiness – soft buttery yellows, olive greens, mushroom greys, dusk blues and calming violets are all in.

Add to your newly painted room with some new accents. Floral patterns are all in and can make the world of difference, changing your window space into a work of art. What’s more, pale and punchy floral panels help to filter light so your room will be automatically brightened.

A good rug will help to make your house feel more like a home and you don’t have to go out and buy a new one. Update an existing rug with an injection of pastels that match the rest of the room.

Be sure to use a painter’s tape on an old rug to create outlines of whatever pattern you desire, once this is done, apply interior paint with a paintbrush or foam roller.

To finish off the redesign, bring in some light oak furniture available at the Wooden Furniture Store to compliment your newly chosen living room colour and throw a few floral scatter cushions or a pastel throw onto your to settee and you have a calming, spring themed living area.



The kitchen is also a room you spend a lot of time in and for a lot of people, the most expensive room in the house. Rather than pale pastel colours, your kitchen needs some brightness and vibrancy.

A little green instantly freshens a kitchen – image courtesy of shutterstock

This can be done with the furniture, accessories and tableware – lime green is always a great shout, whether it’s furniture, crockery, utensils or appliances, the colour looks great set against stone white.

Overwhelm window spaces with flowers indoor plants as kitchens in spring should be awash with flowers, plants and light and bringing the outdoors, inside, will bring some life to your kitchen.

Introduce some organic elements such as wood, honed marble and brown glass as this afford your kitchen the feel of the countryside.

So even you’re bang in the middle of a city, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to feel like you’re on a permanent country retreat.


Home Office

Whilst spring can evoke happiness, it can be hard to feel that way when you’re stuck in your home office trying to work and organise. Thankfully, these tips for getting your office spring ready should help to feel those long hours spent there a little less dull and a lot more comfortable.
Studies have shown that on average, we waste around 4.3 hours per week looking for misplaced documents and paper notes. If you work out how much you bill your clients per hour, all that time looking for things could be better spent actually working! As such consider investing in a new home office desk and reap the rewards in style, comfort and productivity.

To compliment your new wooden desk, add some white vases filled with African daises, it’s a simple way to brighten up the room and they look beautiful. If that seems a little to vibrant for you, Japanese cherry blossoms are also a great solution, this plant is considered as a symbol of spring and look fantastic in a more toned down pastel vase.

Pastel pink walls help to create a nice soothing atmosphere, as do mushroom light greys and creams. It’s all about making the space feel calm and inspiring, nothing too bright and nothing too dark – unless you find you work better with these colours!

What do you think of my spring interior design tips? Let me know in the comments if you think I missed any out!

Author: Laura

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