Furniture tips for those who move a lot

Furniture is an essential part of every home, and is probably even more important if you are in a position where you move around a lot. This means that you may want to put some more effort into thinking about what you carry around, so it can save you time and effort down the line. If you feel like you need some more ideas, furnishing experts like Super A-Mart can help you figure out what will be best for you – take a look at for ideas and inspiration. If you’re still unsure or are just looking for some tips, please read on.

Choose a Mattress For You

You’ll always need something to sleep on, regardless of where you go. Traditional beds and bedframes can be difficult to transport. However, there are certain kinds of mattresses that can be carried and moved around with great ease. Self-inflating mattresses are probably the most convenient as they can be very compact – but they do not provide much support. Futon mattresses that can be rolled up and comfortably packed into a car are better for your back, if you have such issues, as are foam mattresses that can be folded or rolled.

Gorgeous green futon sofa

Folding Furniture

Having furniture that can fold up will make your life a lot easier if you move around a lot. You can get desks, bookcases, shelves and much more that are all able to fold up. Pack them flat, and you can save space for other, perhaps more important items.

Double Use


Look for furniture that has more than one use, so as to save space and to also minimise the time it takes to unpack all your belongings. Bookshelves and certain types of chairs can double as storage areas, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about where you can put all your things. Try browsing the catalogs of Online Furniture Stores for double duty furniture.

Pack Smart and Light

dark table with 60's inspired legs

If you are smart about the way you pack the rest of your belongings, particularly items that aren’t very bulky, you will have more room for all your essential furniture. Packing light will ensure this, but if it is not possible, then try to pack everything in a way that will save space. This might include rolling up shirts and packing things that tessellate together.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are great places to go to buy cheap furniture that you might only need for a short amount of time. These places are good for furnishings that you are not particularly attached to or that are only for decoration. You might even find something that you love in a thrift store!

These are just some furniture tips for those of you who move around a lot. However, you should explore all your options, do all your research and buy furniture that you feel will best suit your needs.

Do you move around a lot – or have you been in a situation where you have had to do so? How did you handle your furniture situation? Do you agree with the tips above? What would you encourage others in the same position to do? Leave your comments and advice down below.

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