FREE CHOCOLATE! Personalised Milk Tray for Mother’s Day

So who wants some free chocolate?

Yes, I know, stoopid question.

Next (better) question:

do you

a) already use TopCashback?


b) you’ve sort of heard of it, but figure it’s a bit complicated, or doesn’t really work?

Yes, I was a ‘b’ too. Getting cash back for stuff you’re buying anyway sounds just a bit mad, doesn’t it? One of those if-it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true things you’re Granny warned you about.
But honestly – I’m converted. And if you give this a try, I’m guessing you’ll be converted too.

Because for all new members who sign up (and it doesn’t cost you a bean to do so), you can land yourself a personalised box of Milk Tray for Mother’s Day – totally FREE!

free chocolate for mothers day

Seriously, there’s no catch. It’s just a no-brainer.

You do any shopping you were going to do anyway, and if you click through from the TopCashback site to go and do it, you earn the rewards. In cash. Into your bank account.

And on top of the cash back that’s standard fare, there’s regular fab deals on offer too – like this box of Dairy Milk which you click through to buy, personalise, have delivered – and then have the entire cost refunded back to you, even the delivery.

And what could be better than treating your mum with the classic milk tray…with your own personal message on the box? Especially for free!

How to get the deal?

Click through to the “FREE Personalised Milk Tray – TopCashback New Member Deal” offer page and sign up. You’ll be redirected to the offer page.

On the offer page, check the details and hit the “Get Cashback” button to make your purchase as normal from Cadbury Gifts Direct.
Burger Create your personalised Milk Tray and order from Cadbury Gifts Direct – Sit back and wait for it to be delivered,
Once you’ve made your purchase you will see the £11.45 you’ve spent sitting as cashback pending in your account within one week. Once payable you can withdraw the cashback to your bank account.
Hey presto – chocolates for free!

The “Free Personalised Milk Tray – TopCashback New Member Deal”  is available to new TopCashback members, If you are an existing member, you can still get a great cashback rate at Cadbury Gifts Direct.

Author: Laura

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