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If you don’t already have plans to buy the Big Hero 6 DVD, then I have one question for you.

This movie is fabulous – it’s warm, kind, funny, smart, exciting and articulate, with beautiful graphics and a cast that’s just too perfect. free Big hero 6 cashbackI wasn’t a fan of Wreck-It Ralph, so the fact this film was from the same stable held no joy for me – in fact, I was more inclined to not see it. But it’s also from the people behind Frozen… and it was in cinemas on my daughters 8th birthday, so off we went. And we laughed, and gasped, and cried… and can’t wait to own it so we can bundle up on the sofa and watch it again.

But here’s the exciting bit. If you don’t already have a TopCashback account and sign up before you make the DVD purchase? You get £10 cashback, straight into your account. Which makes your copy of Big Hero 6 effectively free!

No, really – absolutely, totally, 100% free.

Come on, people. If you’re not already using TopCashback, this is a double whammy, and you need to be going right NOW to nab yourself a copy (and starting earning free money at the same time…).
(remember this only works if you don’t already have a TopCashback account – if you’re already a member, the usual Amazon Cashback applies, and you get yourself a pat on the back from us for being a savvy shopper)

Come on – everyone needs Big Hero 6 on the shelf for a feel-good Family Film Night! But you have to be quick – the offer is only open until midnight Sunday 7th.

What’s that? Show you where you sign up?

Gladly, kind reader. Follow me…


(It’s entirely free to sign up, don’t worry; it’s a win-win shopping through them and we always TOTALLY recommend them – I know it sounds a bit too good to be true, but you really do earn cashback, just by doing your normal shopping. No extra spending, no fees. Just plain old free money. You won’t get rich on it, obviously, but it does add up. And who on earth doesn’t want a free DVD anyway?) 

Either click on the ‘free DVD’ image above, or go to TopCashback’s offer page here

  • Sign up on the right of the page; once signed up you’ll be redirected to the offer page
  • On the offer page you will see the offer information, hit the “Get Cashback & Visit Retailer” button, you’ll then be redirected .
  • Once you reach Amazon, just browse for Big Hero 6 and make your purchase as normal
  • After you’ve made your purchase, you will see your cashback pending in your account within 1 week. Once payable you can withdraw the cashback to your bank account.

Remember – this TopCashback joining offer closes at midnight on Sunday (7th June), so be QUICK people!

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