We found the perfect ‘good’ in-ear headphones for your fussy teen

We’re already big fans of Sennheiser (the Urbanite XL, our chosen Ultimate Headphones for your Digital Teen, are still much-loved and used daily – and astonishingly haven’t once broken), so when we were asked if we might like to try the new Momentum in-ear buds, I knew I had to say yes. not least because Teen 1 staked oldest-child-dibs on the Urbanite, and Teen 2 loves an in-ear headphone anyway.

The Momentum range is already known for their style, sound quality and comfort, and these new Momentum 2.0’s are keeping it in the family. They look fabulous – a seriously sturdy feel with a quality two-tone red and black finish.

Comfort can be an issue for a lot of in-ear headphones (I have two really good pairs tucked away in a drawer, simply because they make my ears ache when I use them) – everyone needs a slightly different fit. Our ears are all different, after all. The Momentum headphones are beautifully light – so no achey pressure, and the four different soft tips included are varied enough to fit anyone and create a good seal. The angle of the ear pieces is really important to the fit too, and the Momentum 2.0 sits beautifully with no pressure on the ear.

The in-line mic and remote follows the design of the set, with sturdy but subtle buttons which are easy to find without looking, and an excellent quality on the mic for chatting to internet mates.

(There are two versions of the M2s: the M2 IEis are for iPhones, while the M2 IEGs are designed to work with Android devices)

And the sound?

Well the sound is enough to keep a boy very happy indeed.

The lows are rich and dense, and soaring mids are presented with clarity and detail. The top range is crisp and sharp, but not so edgy that louder volumes will make set your teeth on edge.

I can’t tell you how often we’ve forked out on cheap earbuds for the boy over the last couple of years. If we’d bought a decent pair like this originally, we’d actually have ended up saving money. Not only is the listening experience a world away from cheap buds, but the build quality means these will be in use for a long time to come. It’s money well-spent – the Momentum In-Ears 2.0 are our absolute TOP pick of earbuds for your teen this Christmas.
Available at Amazon for around £90 – Currently the iOS versions are on Amazon for £78.


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