Forget socks and chocs: Why it’s time to add excitement to your gift-giving this Christmas

Christmas is a beacon of light in the midst of winter that helps us get through the dark nights and cold weather and this year, more than ever, it has to deliver.

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There has been lots of talk of Christmas being cancelled as we all still battle to deal with Covid-19 and it looks likely we won’t get to spend it with all the people we’d like to. However, we can still make it one to remember for the right reasons.

Gifts that are curated to generate excitement, whatever the budget, will help give us all a lift.

Here are a few ideas to achieve the goal of gifts that thrill.

Exciting gifts for less than £50

  1. Weeks of presents/treats

One of the best things about Christmas is the anticipation, but once the day arrives that is all over and Boxing Day and January can be a bit of a downer, but not if you keep the countdown to better things going!

How about wrapping up a bundle of tiny things and making them into a kind of advent inspired countdown to Spring or Valentine’s or some other personally important date?

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It need not be major stuff, just things that will make the recipient smile and give them something to look forward to. You could plan it so the recipient has something to open every Friday night until the first day of spring on March 20, for example.

It could be a miniature bottle or premixed can of their favourite tipple one week, a charity shop salvaged DVD or book the next and so on. Alternatively you could homemake an advent style calendar with a favourite photo behind each door.

  1. Inspire some nostalgia

Most people get excited by a long forgotten reminder of their youth and, with a couple of carefully sourced items, you can deliver a proper throwback feeling.

How about a retro sweets box, a compilation of music from the decade of your recipient’s teens or a desktop retro arcade machine?

  1. A coupon for Joey love

Take inspiration from Joey in Friends, who dishes out birthday vouchers for an hour of ‘Joey love,’ but just don’t be too literal about it – unless, of course, your recipient will be delighted with the promise of an hour of one-on-one intimacy with you and you’re happy to give it!

Create some vouchers that promise the recipient things you know they’ll be excited by and a vow to allow them to cash them in whenever they want.

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It could be a promise to make them a meal, bring them breakfast in bed, to do the laundry for a week, to give them a massage, to go for a long walk or to look after the kids so they can have some time alone – or even just for you to put the bins out! Get creative!

You can make your own vouchers, buy little booklets from lots of retailers or print some ‘official Christmas cheques’ for free here.

Exciting gifts for up to £50

  1. Magazine subscription

Months of excitement can be created by buying someone a subscription to their favourite magazine or newspaper.

For bookworms, a trial run of a Libreria subscription is an alternative which offers the delivery of a handpicked book plus ‘other goodies’ every month.

  1. An experience voucher

Would your recipient love a lavish afternoon tea, to go dolphin spotting in Cornwall or to get out on Silverstone race track?

Experience gift vouchers are an ideal way to deliver a dream and a massive amount of excitement and there are loads of different things to choose from.

  1. A personalised box of their favourite food/drink
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Our favourite foods tend to get all of us salivating with excitement. So, rather than just opting for the usual box of choccies, how about thinking about a range of delicious snacks with a specialised snack box, a range of cheeses and crackers or a selection of gins? You could even attach a subscription so they get something similar delivered regularly for a while.

Exciting gifts for more than £50

  1. Jewellery

A lavish piece of jewellery or a watch will get most pulses racing.

For added jubilation, make the effort to put some legwork in and ensure you’ve got the right ring size, watch strap length or a length of necklace that’ll sit just perfectly.

  1. A toy for an adult

Christmas is often way more exciting when you’re a kid, but adults don’t have to miss out on the excitement of a new toy.

Lego has really clicked into the fact that lots of adults still love building with the little bricks and there are some adult oriented sets out there including models inspired by famous landmarks, TV shows and vehicles.

The Lego Technic Lamborghini is new for 2020 or, billed as a Christmas bestseller this year, the Creator Gingerbread House may be one to consider.

  1. A meal at a Michelin starred restaurant

Splash out on a bit of indulgent luxury with a voucher for a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant.

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Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of an evening of extremely delicious food and drink?

Whatever comes our way this Christmas, we can still muscle on, show our resilience and dust the day and season with some sparkle.

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