Five entertaining activities to enjoy at home?

Sometimes, on occasion, boredom can creep in when you really don’t want it to. While heading to a fancy bar with friends for a cocktail or two and enjoying a gym session is a good way of fighting off boredom, we don’t always want to venture outside of the house, particularly in the winter months. Thankfully, there are some entertaining home-based activities that can save the day.

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Given the rise of technology, many modern-day activities are supplementing an array of other fun things to do that don’t necessarily require a screen. Ultimately, though, everyone is different. For many people, passing some time with a quick go on a progressive slot game or by watching a Netflix show is their preference, while others might opt for a garden-based activity or something where they can get creative in the kitchen. Essentially, whatever your preference is, there are many activities that can help you fight off any boring moments relatively easily. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five entertaining activities to enjoy at home.

Create a home obstacle course

One for all the family, while it may seem a tad hardcore, creating a home obstacle course is a great deal of fun. Using pillows, dining chairs, boxes, tables and the like, you can climb, jump, and crawl your way through a selection of fun obstacles and create a few laughs along the way. From team events to time trials, it’s a good way of making something out of nothing and providing some entertainment for a good few hours.

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Get baking

Whether you’re into luxurious cakes or tasty homemade bread, producing something of your own in the kitchen is another great way of keeping yourself entertained. Not only will it provide you with fun, but it might bring the family together, too. You can team up to smash a particular recipe and then tuck in to it over a movie as a reward for your efforts. Baking is a satisfying activity to enjoy, particularly if you’re a food lover.


Most people visit the gym or go swimming in a local leisure centre to keep fit, but you can actually enjoy exercise at home. A great way of not only improving your physical health but also enabling you to feel better mentally and give you a solid dopamine dose, pull out the yoga mat, do some laps in the garden, climb up as many stairs as you can for a specific amount of time, and get lifting some weights. Whatever your preference is, physical activity triggers a release of dopamine and serotonin, which can improve mood.

Tour a museum from home

Thanks to creations like Google Arts and Culture, it has never been easier to enjoy a virtual tour of a world-famous museum from the comfort of your own phone or laptop. Alongside offerings from specific museums through official museum websites, you can enjoy a variety of interesting and informative tours in some truly iconic museums, from the Louvre in Paris and The British Museum in London to the Acropolis in Athens and The Smithsonian in Washington.

Board games and puzzles

It might be time to dust off the classic board games and puzzles you’ve got hidden away in the cupboard and bring them out in times of need. After all, there’s nothing better than tackling a challenging puzzle and beating family members in a competitive board game. Not only can they help time pass a bit quicker, but they’re genuinely fun and entertaining, too. From Scrabble and Monopoly to Operation and Jenga, there are loads of games and puzzles worth playing for a few hours.

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