Five Brilliant Games to Play in the Paddling Pool – and 25% off all paddling pools!

With the summer holidays upon us, invest in a paddling pool to keep your little ones out of doors and entertained during the hot weather.

Here’s a pick of five great games to play with your kids in the water:


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Make Up Stories

This game is ideal for introducing toddlers to paddling pools – use a few favourite toys such as boats, action figures, or rubber ducks, and make up a story with them. Encourage your toddler to interact with the plot and let them control what happens.


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Sink or Float?

Can your child guess which objects will sink or float in the pool? Offer them a selection of different items to experiment with such as a banana, Duplo building bricks, and a rubber duck.

As an extra step, you could ask your child to guess why the items were sinking or floating to get them to consider patterns of behaviour.


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London Bridge is Falling Down

Two children hold each other’s hands high, while each of the other players walks under the bridge. After each player walks under the bridge, the bridge is lowered. Eventually players will have to duck right down under the bridge. This game is better suited to children who are just learning to swim and improving their confidence in the pool.

This game can be played by children of different ages.

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Bestway Splash and Play Interactive Series 3D Adventure Pool –
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Nominate someone to be the leader. The leader does an action that everyone else has to copy. If the children copy the action they stay safe. If they get the action wrong, they will get a bucket of water poured on their head and a given a letter to spell out ‘chicken’. When they have collected all the letters to spell the word out, they lose. The last player to be knocked out is the winner.

The word ‘chicken’ can be changed for any word that the children find particularly funny. We’ll leave that part up to your kids!

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Build a Pool Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course and in the middle, place your paddling pool. Incorporate a game such as ‘Fetch the Sunken Boat’. An obstacle course can be a fun way to get your kids active and exercising as well as developing their motor skills. This is a game better suited to the older children.

Have your kids got any favourite paddling pool games they like to play in the summer?


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