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I cannot wait to sit down and try these kits with the children next week!

Even though mine are no longer toddlers, they still can’t resist the lure of playdough or plasticine – but do get a little tired of spending an hour or two creating something amazing… only for it to be squashed back ionto the tubs at the end of the session.

So these Fimo kits are a godsend.

fimo kids knights
Form&play is a combination of modelling and playing. They come in themed kits, and contain everything you need to make the models on the font; not just the clay and the tools, but also brilliantly clear step-by-step instructions. Making the figure on the front not just a suggestion, but a totally achievable end result.

Clear shapes and well-structured, child-friendly instructions graded according to level of difficulty combined with a modelling clay developed specifically for children‘s use round this concept off.

The background scene included on the inside of the box not only increases the fun factor but also provides inspiration for more new modelling ideas – ours are already planning some stop-motion videos with them.

fimo kids form play pets animals

In case you’ve not used it before, with FIMO you simply create your model.. and then bake it gently in your oven. It sets hard like proper clay, and you’ve got yourself a permanent figure. We’ve used it for cake toppers, key ring gifts, candle holders, and countless ‘sculptures’. But now we’re going to set our minds to some structured modelling, with a  clear end result following the instructions.

I think I may be a bit too excited about these…
fimo kids form play

There’s loads of sets available, from Robots to Farm Animals, Knights and Princesses to Dinosaurs and Spaceships, and they have a varying degree of difficulty clearly signed by the three star system on the box. They are widely available, but as always we ask you to support your local and independent toy shops. if you don’t have one nearby, we suggest you take a look at PlayMerrily, who stock the whole FIMO Kids form & play range at £9 a set.

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