Fictional Adrenaline Rush: 6 Games of Chance You Can See in Comic Books

Games of chance have always been a part of human history. Thanks to the rise of online gambling in Canada and worldwide, these games have become more accessible. Players with a tight bankroll can easily visit $5 deposit casinos and enjoy their favourite casino from their homes.

Games of chance you can find in comic books.
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One common theme that runs through many of these stories is the concept of chance. This post explores six popular games of chance featured in popular comic books. Let’s get into it!


Poker has always been one of the most popular games at land-based casinos and remains so in online casinos today. Hence, it is unsurprising that it is one of the most depicted games of chance in comic books. This classic card game is known for its intense gameplay and high-stakes situations, making it the perfect game for comic book writers to use to create thrilling storylines.

In the comic books where it is featured, poker games are often used to depict characters taking risks and making tough decisions under pressure. They are also used to show characters trying to outwit and out-bluff their opponents or highlight the game’s psychological aspects.

One of the most iconic examples of poker in comic books is seen in Batman: The Killing Joke. In this story, the Joker invites some of Gotham’s most dangerous criminals to a high-stakes poker game, with the winner getting to kill Batman. The game shows the Joker’s twisted sense of humour and obsession with Batman.


Roulette is famous not only in your favourite land-based or online casino but has also been featured in many comic books. This classic casino game involves betting where a ball will land on a spinning wheel. The excitement and unpredictability of roulette make it a perfect fit for the high-stakes and thrilling situations often found in comic book stories.

Roulette in comic books showcases characters betting their fortunes or even their lives on a spin of the wheel. It is also often used to highlight the dangers of gambling addiction. The cautionary tale of characters who become too caught up in the thrill and lose all can warn readers to play responsibly at online casinos.

One notable example of roulette in comic books is seen in Batman: Dark Victory. In this story, the Penguin uses a rigged roulette wheel to cheat his opponents out of their money, leading to a tense confrontation with Batman. This story helps to illustrate the corrupt and dangerous world of organized crime in Gotham City.


Blackjack is among the most popular card games in land-based and online casinos. This classic card game is about getting a hand that adds up to 21 without going over. Due to its popularity, the game has been featured in numerous comic books over the years.

Blackjack games in comic books often depict characters in high-pressure situations where they need to think and make tough decisions quickly. Like the adrenaline you experience in your online casino, these games can be intense when reading about them in comic books, with characters trying to outsmart their opponents under pressure.

One notable example of blackjack in comic books is seen in Daredevil #181. In this issue, Daredevil goes undercover as a dealer at the Kingpin’s illegal casino to try and take him down. The game between both characters is tense and dramatic, depicting both characters putting everything on the line. Other notable examples of comic books that feature blackjack include:

  • The Walking Dead #115;
  • Batman: Gotham Knights #50;
  • Ghost Rider #4;
  • The Punisher #6;
  • Harley Quinn #8.


Craps is the most popular dice casino game. Hence, it is not surprising it has been featured in several comic books over the years. Comic books often depict craps as a high-energy, fast-paced game played in loud and chaotic environments, with players and spectators shouting and cheering as the dice are rolled. Characters in comic books are often shown risking large sums of money or treasured possessions on the outcome of each roll of the dice, like in a regular land-based or online casino.

Furthermore, comic books often show craps games played in illegal, underground casinos or speakeasies. These settings add an air of danger and excitement to the game, as characters risk their money and safety by playing in these locations.

One notable example of craps in comic books is the game played by the Thing and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four #51. In this issue, the two characters find themselves in a speakeasy in the 1920s, where they had to play craps against a group of gangsters.


Baccarat is a popular game in Canadian casinos and worldwide. Hence, it has been featured in several comic books. Like many other casino games, baccarat is a game of skill and chance, making it a perfect choice for comic book writers looking to create tension and drama.

Baccarat is often associated with luxury and sophistication. Comic books often use this image to portray wealthy and powerful characters. Besides luxury, baccarat games also depict comic book characters in tense situations. Like in regular casino sites, the stakes are usually high, and the outcome can often determine the characters’ fate.

One notable example of baccarat in comic books is seen in the novel Casino Royale. In this story, Bond is tasked with beating a Soviet agent named Le Chiffre at baccarat to bankrupt him and force him to work for the British government. This game is depicted as intense and high-stakes, with both characters locked in a battle of wits, trying to outmaneuver each other.

Slot Machines

Last on our list of popular games of chance featured in comic books is slot games. Known as the most popular attractions in every land-based and online casino, these classic games involve spinning reels on a machine to line up matching symbols. Some, like the Book of Ra Deluxe game, are even enhanced with the highly-esteemed Win Ways mechanic.

Like online slots in virtual casinos, comic books depict slots as fast-paced and addictive. The flashing lights and immersive sounds of the machine can create a sense of excitement and anticipation of a big win, making it a perfect fit for scenes where characters are taking risks.

A notable example of slot games in comic books is the story “The One-Armed Bandit” in Batman #66. In this story, Batman and Robin are trying to stop a villain using rigged slot machines to steal money from unsuspecting citizens.


Games of chance have long been a staple of comic book storytelling, providing readers with thrilling moments of tension, drama, and excitement. From classic card games like poker and baccarat to modern slot machines, these games offer writers and artists a wide range of storytelling opportunities.

Whether it’s James Bond trying to bankrupt his opponent at baccarat, Batman and Robin facing off against a villain who uses rigged slot machines, or Spider-Man risking everything to save his loved ones, games of chance add a layer of suspense and unpredictability to comic books stories.

Finally, comic books often use these games to explore themes of risk-taking, addiction, and temptation or to provide Canadian players with an entertaining escape from reality. Whatever their purpose, games of chance remain a popular and powerful tool in the comic book creator’s arsenal, and they will no doubt continue to captivate and thrill readers for years to come.

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