F*ck Off Pineapple Eye Mask #MothersDay

Yes it’s that time of year already, Mother’s day is just round the corner as is Spring!

So, over the next couple of weeks we will be bring you some fab goodies, different quirky goodies that Mum will love. Things to bring a smile, a gasp an ooo or an aaah, or perhaps just a downright belly laugh.

So today we begin with a quirky, maybe a belly laugh, certainly a little different, something from those lovely people at Prezzy Box.

The F*ck Off Pineapple Eye Mask no less!

The F*ck Off Pineapple Eye Mask

Sleep is precious, so protect it with this ‘F*ck Off Pineapple Mask’!

If you like to get straight to the point, this mask is the perfect treat, or give as a gift for a mum who doesn’t mince their words. It’s highly unlikely anyone will dare disturb her when she is wearing this hilarious mask.

This pink eye mask has a funky pineapple design, giving it a stylish and sassy look (in more ways than one), along with the text ‘f*ck off’ which ensures a peaceful sleep without having to utter a word!

The perfect mask to wear at home – kids, siblings and partners beware! – or on the go (especially long train or plane journeys), this mask will give your mums fellow passengers a laugh, whilst ensuring they stay quiet, just in case!

Guarantee an undisturbed sleep with this awesome ‘F*ck off’ eye mask!

We think it’s just brilliant and at just £6.99 too, bargain!

Author: Courtenay

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