Family holiday in Sicily: top destinations and money-saving tips

I know you’re all busy Black-Friday-shopping and Christmas-prepping… but cheer up. Holiday booking season is near! When I think of a family holiday, or any holiday really, the first things that come to mind are: pure relaxation, beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, plenty to do (for when I/we want to do), a good climate, and incredible food. Which is why a Family holiday in Sicily is always one of the first destinations I think of for a family getaway. Overall, it is a wonderful destination for families to enjoy a relaxing seaside holiday. In case you need more convincing, this page on the WishSicily site explains many of the reasons why a family holiday in Sicily should be your next.

Beautiful coast of Cefalu, Palermo – Sicily 
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I’m known in my family to be the planner. And I am happy to be! With so much to do and see in Sicily, it is worth planning ahead so that upon arrival, you don’t have to spend your time researching where to go and what will keep your kids entertained. With just a bit of preparation, you can slip straight into holiday mode.

 Here are a few of the top destinations to visit on a family holiday in Sicily with children:

Mount Etna, Sicily – Tallest active volcano of Europe – By cge2010 | Shutterstock
  • Mount Etna: Mount Etna is a major draw in Sicily for visitors of all ages. You can make a trip to Mount Etna part adventure/part mini science lesson, as you also take in the breathtaking landscapes and views. You can take a tram halfway up, bike, walk,and if your kids are older, you can even go on 4×4 jeep safari adventures.
Valley of Temples, Agrigento Sicily in Italy By Andreas Zerndl | Shutterstock
  • The Temples at Agrigento: The Valley of Temples is an archaeological site that is a national monument of Italy. It is an incredible destination to visit, let your imaginations run wild and imagine all those who have walked there before you.
  • Parco Avventura Madonie:This adventure park is set in the woods with just about all the outdoor activities your kids could dream of.
typical sicilian pupi puppets By rarrarorro |Shutterstock
  • Puppet theatres: There is still a strong tradition of puppetry in Sicily and it is such an experience to get to see a show!

 With a proper list of ‘things to do’ and all these new experiences to be had, the last thing you want to do is worry about money while on holiday. There are many ways you can be mindful of your money but still stress-free and feeling like you are on holiday. Many tourist destinations have a designated card or system that offers perks for visitors. Sicily has one, too! With an ONSICILY card, you can get discounts and perks available for the following categories: accommodations,food and drink, workshops and activities, nature and culture, and miscellaneous. It lasts for three weeks and only costs 10 euros starting for one adult and one child under age 12.

Other ways to save money in Sicily are: buying fresh food at the local markets for some meals instead of eating out every meal, planning ahead to reach to the “free” beach instead of paying for an umbrella and services, and being mindful of which accommodation (e.g. 2 hotel rooms vs. one villa) best serves the size and needs of your family. Planning ahead and being mindful of even just these small things, especially if you are at all stressed about the budget, can make a big difference and enable you to put more of your travel budget towards your favourite categories!

No matter how many times you’ve been, most visitors will say “Oh, and next time…” Sicily is a beautiful destination that is unlike any other place in the world, always with something else to do, see or eat.

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