Ever wondered “how to decorate my living room for Christmas”?

There are two types of people in December – those who open their Christmas boxes and the whole family knows where everything goes, because they do the same every year. And those who look around and say “now – how to decorate my living room for Christmas?”

If you’re in camp 2 – stick around. We’ve been talking to the folks at Wayfair, and they’ve put together three brilliant inspirational guides for you to pinch a look from. They’re stylish, warm, cosy – and they all definitely shout Christmas. 

And if you’re in camp 1? Stick around too. Seriously, mix it up a little. Just a couple of small changes will freshen things up and make it feel like a whole new room this year.

Christmas Living Room 1 – Light but Traditional  

how to decorate my living room for Christmas

Come on now – who doesn’t want to wander into this room on Christmas morning? And yes, admittedly you may not have the grand Georgian fireplace (*swoons*). But look closer and it’s a really simple room.
A traditionally-shaped wingback armchair, a contemporary twist with a faux-cowhide rug and a sneakily clever use of a garden stool. No, you missed that, didn’t you? The little tree is sitting on top of it; pretty and practical, it’s a perfect extra seat for unexpected guests!

The Hemming Armchair.
Light and airy, with a contemporary feel on a classic shape, and the individual brass studs finish it perfectly.
Oh, and it’s on sale at just under £320 (and yes, it’ll be with by Christmas).

The Vilgot Faux Cowhide Rug.
Yes, okay, it’s not really an actual cow – this is just a friendly and inoffensive carpet to lay down and soften your floor whilst warming your toes; but it looks very very cool, right?
It’ll add a touch of sleek modernist design to any room.
In the Wayfair sale for under £110

The Gentoft Circle Stool.
I love this thing! The chic looking lattice is a modern twist on an ancient Chinese classic – and I love the Chinese jar shape too. Happy being used as an extra seat, it looks just as good with a tree on top, or being used as a side table – and it’s super practical because it’s glazed ceramic, so will do well in the garden too!
Currently on sale at £87.

Christmas Living Room 2 – Sleek mid-century Style

ideas on how to decorate my living room for Christmas

It’s bright, it’s crisp – but it’s got that warm mid-century retro feel that harks back to simpler times when film stars were glamorous and lipstick was very very red…

The Haki 3 Seater Standard Sofa.
Solid wood frame, fabric coveres, removable cushions… and it’s prettyyyy…
Also – currently under £605!

The Jossa Coffee Table.
Simple, clean retro styling; and in solid oak, so it’s built to last.

The Keira Handwoven Sheepskin White Rug.
Soft, luxurious and always in style; and no, they’re not tricky to keep clean, just vacuum them!
Currently £154

Sokolowski Sherpa Throw.
No living room is complete without a throw – and no Christmas living room is complete without a big soft red throw.
This supersoft big throw is £31.

Gabor Table Vase.
Elegant on its own, beuatiful with soem long-stemmed Christmas roses. Or keep that retro feel with some seasonal chrysanths – Snap it up for £25

Szeto 2 Piece Stool Set.
The hammered metal stools with their geometric pattern will look ace in a corner. use them as occasional tables, and you’ve got emergency seats ready and waiting!
They come as a pair, currently reduced from £120 to £90.

Code 12-Light Sputnik Chandelier.
Beautifully styled retro industrial look center piece featuring vintage style lamps now also with energy saving LED. A snip at under £185.

Christmas Living Room 3 – All The Softness

This one’s easy to pull off  it’s all about the simple comfort. Scatter colour-themed cushions, throws and candles, and you’ve got an instant cosy makeover that’ll have you watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ on repeat.

Christmas Cushions.
Surely the easiest answer to the “how to decorate my living room for Christmas” dilemma?
A whole range, with prices starting from just £7

Merrick Area Rug.
Rich and textural, this soft gold rug is part of the Paradise collection; soft and luxurious underfoot, with beautiful patterns in plush cut pile. 
Currently £104

Fluffy Cushion Covers.
Because… fluffy.
Basically a warm comforting hug for your back when you sit down.
Loads of colour options, and 25% off at under £18 each.

There y’go – that should get the creative juices flowing. We’ve answered the “how to decorate my living room for Christmas”? question – now you just need to decide on where the tree goes…

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