Environmentally-friendly home makeovers

With all of the scary newspaper headlines illustrating just how much trouble our planet is in with pollution and global warming, I’ve been trying to implement a few new methods in my daily routine so as to minimise my global footprint.

From taking a walk to the shops rather than driving, to simply using recycling bins (or trash receptacles as my Americanised teens hilariously insist on calling them… *sigh*), there’s a lot we can do. But I’ve found that our homes in particular could all do with a little help in making them more environmentally friendly.

Ethical furniture choices


However, if you are desperately seeking some new furniture, I found this Independent article particularly enlightening when it comes to the challenges that we face when hunting down ethically-produced furniture.

Green uses of your home


But of course, it’s not just issues of consumerism that are affected by green concerns. Unbelievably, the UK is facing a real water shortage issue, but thankfully there are some good guidelines about how we can limit water wastage and stop our country turning into a desert!

The way in which we heat our homes is another area that we could all work on. I find that there is nothing worse than being cold on an evening, so I’ve been researching alternatives to costly-central heating systems. Some of the new electric radiators as developed by the likes of Verismart seem to offer a modern alternative of heating the home as they can be simply plugged into a wall socket without any excess energy wastage.

Getting creative


I’ve found that the important thing is to try and stay creative when you are giving your home an environmentally-friendly makeover. There are lots of companies who have realised the value of the green pound, and eco-paint manufacturers such as Nutshell provide non-toxic paints that are perfect for kid’s bedrooms, and significantly reduce pollution too.

And just because you are going green, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style as even deluxe wallpaper manufacturers such as Farrow and Ball provide some great eco-friendly options.

Author: Laura

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