Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil Review

My Elemis oil arrived in the post amazingly fast, next day delivery. I was 18 weeks pregnant with my third baby and very excited to try out something which could potentially avert any further stretch marks!

It came very well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with the Elemis logo on, and it was like Christmas when I opened it up and saw the bottle of oil nestled snugly in Elemis tissue paper. The bottle itself is nothing special, plain brown glass with a little spire shaped screw cap which completely belies the gorgeous smelling oil inside. I couldn’t smell the oil in the bottle but once I had rubbed it into my skin and it gently warmed up it gave off the most beautiful exotic smell. I quickly found that I didn’t need much of the oil as it did go a long way, but once it had sunk into my skin it wasn’t at all greasy as I had expected. It left my skin feeling smooth and smelling gorgeously exotic.

I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve rubbed the oil onto my bump every day so far. My skin feels beautifully soft and smooth and although I can’t see underneath my bump anymore, my husband assures me that not one single new stretch mark has appeared! It has even reduced the appearance of my existing stretch marks, making them slowly fade. My husband has also been begged and cajoled into giving me several massages with the Elemis oil, although I’ve put a stop to them for the moment as they seem to have more effect on him than me! It is reassuring to know that the Elemis oil is specially developed for pregnancy and is safe to use, as I am always unsure which aromatherapy products are safe and which aren’t.

I will continue using the Elemis oil until my baby is born, and even beyond for the odd massage… wishful thinking with a new baby I think! Although the oil is expensive I think it’s definitely worth it for a product that lasts so long, smells so good, works so well, and gives me peace of mind knowing it is safe to use.

Author: Laura

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