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We love to support a local business – and when that business happens to be making some of the finest chocolates you’ve ever treated your mouth to? Well it’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

I admit, I’m a bit of a fussy chocolate eater. I rarely like milk chocolate, and the husband is frequently gifted 90% of a bar with a muttered “ugh, it’s advent-calendar-chocolate” – you know, that super-sweet and slightly soapy taste? *shudders*. It’s not only cheap chocolate either – I’ve tasted plenty of the good stuff that just offends my taste buds.

But Chococo? They do it right, people.

And no obvious Easter Eggs as my choice from them this year – nope, I’m selecting this fabulous Large Fresh Easter Chocolates Selection Box. Exactly what *I’d* like to receive.

It’s a fresh selection of 25 of their finest fresh handmade chocolates & truffles to enjoy over Easter. But be aware people – these are proper chocolates with the freshest ingredients and nothing else. So you only have a two week shelf life (the obvious upside is that this means they legitimately need eating, right?), but it’s available to order today for delivery close to Easter.

The selection includes their top award-winning & seasonal flavours, and of course chocolates handmade with fresh Dorset cream. All Chococo chocolate is made with origin chocolate from Venezuela, The Dominican Republic & Madagascar, and if you can bear to part with them, the box comes with the option of a card sleeve giftwrap tied with wide satin ribbon.

And just LOOK at them. SOOoo pretty.

Chococo’s Large Fresh Easter Chocolates Selection Box is a nut under £19, and can be bought direct in their online store. Try them – you’ll be amazed.



Author: Laura

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