Dr Brown’s Feeding Bottles & Training Cups Review

If you are bottle feeding your baby you are going to want to use the best bottle that you can. There are many different types available and many of them claim to have air flow systems that help to reduce the amount of air your baby takes in when feeding, potentially reducing colic and making baby more comfortable.

We asked our reviewers, Kelly (with baby Lily) and Alex (with baby Anna), to give us their thoughts on the Dr Brown’s bottles and we are pleased to report that both Mums and babies give them the thumbs up and highly recommend them. Kelly has told us that they definitely helped Lily as she had terrible digestion and colic problems. She changed from another brand of bottles to Dr Brown’s and there was a definite improvement due to the fact that you do not get air bubbles in the teats. Alex has also found the Dr Brown’s bottles have kept Anna’s wind to a minimum. Anna is a very contented little cherub which, Alex believes, has a lot to do with how well she feeds from the Dr Brown’s bottles. Kelly did report a small problem to us; she has found the bottles to be a bit leaky as you get closer to filling them to the maximum.

Kelly also tried the Dr Brown’s Training Cups with her eldest, Jake and our resident toddler reviewer Benjamin also gave one a whirl. Both boys really like them. Ben especially likes his because it is a bigger cup than his usual variety and the handles are nice and chunky. Ben’s Mum likes that it’s bigger too because it holds more water and lasts longer, very useful when out and about for the day. Also, compared to other brands of beaker cups, the Dr Brown’s training cup has never failed to work. There have been other types that, as they get older and have been through the dishwasher quite a few times tend to stop working so well and require lots of suction to get a sip of water out. Conversely, we’ve also experienced other makes that loose their anti-drip-ness after too many goes in the dishwasher. Neither of these problems have happened with the Dr Brown’s and the child really does not need to put much effort into getting a drink and we haven’t had wet patches on the floor where the cup has been left lying, on its side.

Kelly did comment that she would’ve liked a lid to go with it. Not so much because of leaking, the anti-drip valve does it’s job well, but to keep the spout clean from that bottom-of-Mum’s-bag fluff!

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