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Oh look at this lovely Double Oven glove by Sophie Allport with it’s beautiful festive Robin and Mistletoe design. I mean I know it’s kitchen but it’s still so cute and if you have to be in the kitchen, well why not surround yourself with lovely things hmm? #nobrainer

double oven glove mistletoe and robin design

Why not bring some festive cheer to your kitchen this Christmas with this lovely pair of Double Oven Gloves with this very seasonal Robin & Mistletoe Christmas design, why not indeed!

Of course it also would make a very practical gift for a good friend or family member to help aid the removing of the piping hot Christmas lunch out of the oven on Christmas day, a very festive gift for the hard working Christmas chef who should definitely feel loved and appreciated don’t you think … especially of that’s you! Oh and a glass of something bubbly whilst you are about it please..tutt ;-)

This lovely Double Oven Glove in beautiful soft whisper grey is 18cm x 84cm and is 100% cotton.  The reverse of the Glove and inside each hand pocket there is a special heat resistant fabric.  There is also a handy ‘loop’ in the middle of the glove so you can hang it up in your kitchen, oh and it’s machine washable of course … perfect!

Sophie Allport also offer in the same range a matching Robin & Mistletoe tea towel an Apron, a kitchen gauntlet (if you fancy some knightly fencing, ahem!) a pot grab, a set of coasters and even a Christmas stocking so you can really get into the Christmas spirit with some beautifully designed co-ordinated festive cooking, and get your early morning goodies from Santa delivered in style what more could you ever want! #sorted

This lovely Double oven glove ‘Robin & Mistletoe’ set can be purchased online directly from the Sophie Allport website for just £16

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