Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth – Write On, Wash Off & Lots of Laughs

Will & Glory

The fabulous folk at Will & Glory asked us to review one of their wonderful products; the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth – a cotton tablecloth that comes with a set of eight washable felt tips and permission to draw, write and doodle ALL over it. Weirdly fabulous!

Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth from Will & Glory

Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth from Will & Glory

The first outing of the Doodle cloth was when my eldest had some friends over and the sun was shining. I made them lunch, arranged it on the outside table with a pot full of the washable Doodle pens and stepped back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of kids sit so long at a table! Their self portraits, covered in cake crumbs, were hilarious. Sadly, since their epic tablecloth-doodling session my iPhone died and I lost all the photos :-(

However, the next outing of the Doodle by Stitch tablecloth was a little more, heck hem, grown-up (?). I had a ladies night; a gaggle of girlfriends, quite a few cocktails and a lot of dancing. Under the bowls of nibbles and dips lay the tablecloth and the ladies were invited to write a list of the things they love. As you can imagine, after a few apple mint mojitos, some were a little too ‘personal’ to be posted here but here’s a few I’ve blurred to protect the innocent….

Blurred to protect the innocent… ;-)

The cloth is made of 100% cotton drill and is pre-shrunk so bunging it in the washing machine at 40C is all you need to do. I’m pleased to report all traces of all the ‘What I Love’ confessions have disappeared and the Doodle by Stitch is ready to be used again. It comes in two sizes; large (250x148cm) and medium: (180x150cm).

I love the idea of individually drawn place settings and Happy Birthday messages. My youngest has discovered the graph paper like squares are perfect for playing the ‘squares’ game on – you know the one when each person takes a turn to draw a side of a square and when you complete one you get to write your initial in it.

The Doodle by Stitch tablecloth gets an enormous thumbs up approval from LittleStuff.

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