Does anyone write proper letters any more?


In the fast-paced world we live in we’re lucky if we have time to sit down and enjoy a family meal, never mind write a letter. Most of us probably can’t even remember the last time we wrote a proper letter. It wasn’t always the case. Before the emergence of text messaging and emailing, writing a letter was one of the most common forms of communication. It still evokes a kind of romantic notion; a letter allows you to express yourself in a way that is different from the brief electronic communication we’re all used to. It would definitely be a shame if we lost such a longstanding form of interaction.

Even Christmas and birthday cards are becoming more and more redundant. Many people now send e-cards to wish someone well. It’s a sad fact that people just don’t have the time or the inclination to sit down and write a message to someone. Perhaps it’s time that the handwritten letter was revived a little, especially with Valentine’s Day fast approaching!


Although most of us don’t enjoy writing a letter, many people actually enjoy receiving them. It shows a little more care and attention than sending a quick text message on your way to work. There are some things which just can’t be expressed via text message or email, such as declaring your love for someone or offering sympathy for bereavement.

If you simply find the process of letter-writing dull, there are many ways of making letter-writing that little more interesting. You can find so many pretty writing sets, or if you are a creative type of person you could design your own writing paper. In the sea of advertising leaflets and junk mail we receive through the post, your letter will be a welcome surprise.

If you are a little more into technology, have a look online for personalised cards UK, which allow you to customise a card with a photo or a funny message. It’s the perfect opportunity to add that embarrassing photo from the Christmas party or a silly inside joke. Sometimes that element of novelty can bring a bit of fun back into writing someone a message.

Of course, a letter doesn’t have to be written on fancy paper or an expensive card. Find a notepad, a scrap of paper – anything! Simply the fact that you have taken the time to write it is enough. The thing about text messaging or phone calls is that they can be done while multi-tasking. With a letter you must give your undivided attention. This makes it all the more special!

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