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The Beano is the longest running British children’s comic first appearing on July 30th 1938 no less!

Many cheeky characters adorn its pages but two of the main protagonists are the loveable but quite naughty Mini the minx and of course Dennis the Menace (with his erm ‘trusty’ sidekick dog, Gnasher).

For decades these loveable rogues have led us on a merry dance through their adventures on the pages of this much loved comic and have even adapted well to the changing times, which continues to make them fresh and current.

But above all their cheeky antics, these hapless saucy characters have maintained one disctinctive trait, one thing that makes them unmissbale, unmistakeable, no hiding their identity and that’s their clothing style!

The classic naughty guy (and gal of course) top, the overised even stretched sometimes top. But always the same colours, the black and red striped motif that makes them stand out as the the characters they are.

Dennis the Menace Top

Dennis the menace top image courtesy of The Beano Shop


So, what about your very own little ‘Menace’ then hmm? How about his (or her) very own cheeky outfit, fit for a saucy prankster, a loveable rogue, one that will giggle and wriggle when you squeeze them.

Well the fab people at Beano have been inundated with requests for such a garment and at last I am pleased to annouce that they have produced just the thing!

A wonderful long sleeved striped jersey just like Dennis the Menace wears in all his fun adventures.

So ….

Drum-roll… Introducing the brand new Dennis Striped Kids Long-Sleeve T-Shirt.

The iconic red and black stripes of Dennis have been yarn dyed to produce what is a seriously EPIC t-shirt. Not sure what yarn dyed means? Just take our word that the finished product is incredibly vibrant and super-soft to touch and wear. BLAM!

A great gift under the Christmas tree for your little rascal perhaps and at just ¬£16.99 from the Beano Shop we don’t think you can go too far wrong with this one!

Author: Courtenay

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