How to Decorate a Rented Apartment

Renting a flat or apartment can be a troubling process, especially considering all the rules you have to abide by. The main rules you will experience commonly when you rent an apartment will be that you are not allowed to paint or wallpaper any walls. Whether you’re renting in Tottenham or Toronto through Precondo, check your contract; some landlords or agencies may allow you to paint and decorate, as long as you consult with them first. So it is worth contacting them to see if they will let you.

Within this article we’ll discuss the best ways you can transform a dreary apartment into a home you can enjoy, and live in – all without replacing the flooring, or wallpapering/painting. Are you ready? Let’s get right into it.

3D rendering of a modern living room

Wall Art: The plain white or beige walls may be extremely boring and not work very well with your specific design tastes, but you can easily fix that by using wall art. The décor within your home can easily be re-worked to fit with a new interior style, whether it is modern or traditional. By using wall art such as paintings or stickers, you can breathe new colours onto a drab plain wall. You can also express your personality this way, by choosing your favourite film characters or video game characters to place on your wall. Wall art can include:

  • Wall Stickers
  • Paintings
  • Murals

As long as you do not paint your wall, the landlord or agency will be perfectly fine with it.

Interior of a living room with shelves and sofa with pillows.
Interior of a living room with shelves and sofa with pillows.

Flooring: You may not be allowed to replace the current carpets or laminate flooring, however you can use rugs. Coloured rugs can be matched in with your current design scheme, and you can buy curtains and cushions with the same colour, to get an element of consistency within your apartment. Rugs are available in a huge variety of colours, designs, sizes and shapes at My Rug Store – you’ll easily be able to find one you love.

Shot of a living room with a workspace, designed in a minimalist way
Shot of a living room with a workspace, designed in a minimalist way

Furniture: Whether your apartment is furnished or not, you can buy new furniture – the only catch is, you need to keep the old furniture if it is owned by the agency or landlord, so unless you have a strong hatred to their design choices, it may be best to just leave it. Fitted furnishings are also included under this, such as counter tops and cupboards. It’s best to just leave them alone and focus on wall art and rugs to be honest.

You’ll be surprised at how different your apartment will look after changing cushions, curtains, rugs and wall art. The walls may be the same colour, and the floor may be the same – but you’ll notice a fresh breath of new life within the apartment, and it will feel like home. If you’ve added some of your personality into the design of your apartment, then you are sure to love it. Wall art can also be easily removed, which makes it perfect for rented apartments.

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