#DearSally What this Tall Girl wants to wear this Christmas…

It’s no secret how much I love Long Tall Sally. If you’re not overly endowed in the height  department, your paths may never have crossed. But for those of us who are north of 5’11 they’re a magical blessing of a shop.
Clothes fit.
And they’re pretty too!

So when they asked if I’d like to take a look and pick out a few look books for Christmas outfits, it wasn’t exactly much of a chore to say yes…

So here’s what I picked – what d’you think? makings of a style guru? No, I don’t think so either.
But I don’t care. I just want ALL the clothes…

tall Christmas shopping dearsally

Christmas Shopping Outfit


Christmas Shopping in these. *swoons*

It’s all about practical comfort and layers. Dashing in and out of hot shops and freezing rain, juggling countless bags, elbow-wrestling the crowds, but still being comfortable when you pause for the absolute hot chocolate break. Jeans are the only choice really, coupled with some forget-they’re-even-there layers with a splash of red as a nod to the festivities (and to make you smile when you catch sight of it in your shop window reflections). And you can’t beat some leather converse for practical comfort on your feet that’ll keep you shopping all day long.
And ohhhh, that Pea Coat… *swoons*
Cavalry Twill Pea Coat
Rip & Repair Boyfriend Jeans
Stretch Cotton Cami
Pointelle Stitch Cardigan
Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Ox

Also – because I’m in love and *want* them so bad – those knee high Shearling-lined boots. If it goes all un-British and frosty and snowy out there, these babies all the way.
Leather Shearling lined Boot

Christmas party outfit tall

Christmas Party Outfit

I know from personal experience that the LTS jersey maxi dresses are heaven. They’re astonishingly flattering in cut, they actually fall to the floor, and they feel a-ma-zing to wear. And would you look at that colour!
Don’t forget the tights – not-long-enough tights are the bane of my winter life. These ones have support tops too, which is always nice in your posh frock.
And oh those kid shoes… *happy*
No question this’d be my Go To party outfit for the season.

Deluxe Jersey maxi dress
Body profile Firm Control Tights
Premium Kid Suede Toecap Court Shoes


Christmas Day morning

Okay, I’m cheating a bit here. But Christmas Day is a day of two halves, right?
And I can’t think of anything more delicious than early morning tea and stockings snuggled up inside these. Brushed cotton PJ’s, and a swishingly long and fluffy-soft robe. Delicious.

Stretch Cotton Cami in Teal
Large Gingham Check PJ’s
Super Fluffy Robe


Christmas Day… day ;)

But even I don’t stay in my PJ’s all day at Christmas. No it has to be a dress.
But it’s got to be practical too – I seem to spend a lot of my Christmas sitting on the floor, and of course in the kitchen. I practically lived in my Ruby Rocks Fern print dress this summer, and this retro spotted version will do perfectly on the big day. Flattering, practical, and oh so pretty.

Ruby Rocks Spot Wrap Dress

Gift ideas tall girls

Gift ideas

Gift Ideas – well, I just flicked through and selected the bits that made me go “oooh!”.
LOVE the hibiscus woolly hat and scarf – long long scarf, fabulously bright colour – and who can resist a bobble hat?
The velvet kimono is ridiculous – but oh so achingly fabulous too. I want.
Those boots kill me. That is all I have to say about them.
The Hannah Marie bracelet is such a pretty colour, it would brighten up a soft plain cardigan in a heartbeat. I love.

Lola Rose Hannah Marie Bracelet
Chunky Knit Scarf in Hibiscus
Chunky Knit Hat in Hibiscus
Leather Brogue Chelsea Boots
Velvet Devore Longline Kimono

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