Cuddledry hooded bath towel aprons – not just for babies

A towel for drying your baby is just a towel, yes? Well, yeah, that’s what I thought… but….. there is a better way, a much better way.

The Cuddledry original baby bath towel is a marvel and JUST the sort of product we, here at LittleStuff, really like. It has been cleverly designed to make life easier and just that little bit nicer for parents and babies at bathtime. And, most importantly, it really, truly does work better than an ordinary towel. Clipping the towel to the grown-up, apron style, so both hands are free to scoop up wet-and-getting-cold-too-quick baby from the bath and wrapping that precious little bundle into a thick, soft, warm towel is utter perfection. Being made from a well-thought-out mix of bamboo fibre and organic cotton, the Cuddledry is very absorbent, it kinda just sucks up the water. No more do we have to juggle wet baby with towel tucked under our chin as our own clothes get soaked. Never again do we have to swoop baby from bath to the towel laid out on the floor, causing a huge squeeeeel from baby because the rush of cold air on wet skin is rather unpleasant, thank you.

Did I already mention how impressed I am with how thick this towel is? The organic cotton and bamboo fibre makes it an amazingly soft texture. It feels like it is actually two towels put together and the benefit of that is the towel does not get wet through as lesser, thinner towels do when you’ve scooped up soggy baby. I’ve also got to add that this towel is BIG, (hoorah!) and what a relief that is. With my first son, we bought those thin, never-big-enough square towels with a little hooded corner and we ended up using two each bathtime or a grown-up’s towel that would swamp my tiny baby boy.

I’ve also been using the Cuddlemitt mitten-flannel as part of the Cuddledry product family and being a fan of mitten-type-flannels for some time I can see how this one has the advantage of rounded corners that are less ‘pokey’ than the traditional square ones when wanting to clean around those teeny tiny noses and ears.

The Cuddledry is all the towel you will need until toddlerhood and beyond. Ben is now nearly 2 years old and we still use it because the Cuddlemoo towel has been commandeered by older brother Jacob. The Cuddlemoo is the same thick, supersoft, hooded type of towel (but without the apron bit for parents). It has been a big hit in this house with it’s funky moo-cow patch design and is just the right size for a little person to wrap around themselves and run away from parent-wanting-them-into-pyjamas!

We will be using the Cuddledry towels and Cuddlemitt wash cloth flannel for many years to come, regardless of how big the boys get because first and foremost they work better than ordinary cotton towels. I suspect that these babies will last so long that I maybe handing them down to my grandchildren, one day…. A long, long, long time from now, you understand. ;-)


For the latest products in the fabulous Cuddledry range visit their website, there is lot’s of loveliness to be found there!

Author: Laura

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