Cottage escapes – how to tailor your family holiday

Traditionally, British families have tended to travel abroad for their holidays. However, on-going economic conditions and a growing awareness of domestic alternatives have prompted many families to stay at home this year. As domestic tourism continues to grow in popularity, families are searching for the best British holidays at the best prices. Based upon these simple criteria, many families are looking no further than the hundreds of Sykes Cottages dotted around the country.

A cottage not only offers warmth, shelter and comfort; it provides a sense of belonging to those visiting an area. The home-away-from-home nature of holiday cottages means that a family can feel safe and secure in unfamiliar surroundings that may otherwise seem wholly alien to everyday life.

The family visiting Cornwall from central London, for example, is unlikely to be accustomed to the region’s tranquillity and remoteness. While undoubtedly pleasant, it can at first seem a little overwhelming. A well-chosen holiday cottage can ensure a smooth transition from urban comfort to rural bliss.

Choosing cottage retreats over other traditional types of holiday affords families an additional level of privacy and relaxation. Unlike a hotel or bed and breakfast, a holiday cottage is essentially a place in which to live while on holiday. It becomes a second home that provides all the creature comforts of normal life. In a holiday cottage nobody will knock on the door to carry out room service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules are not set in stone. People can more or less do whatever they please in holiday cottages, making them ideal for families.

Retaining the freedom to choose what to do and when to do it is essential for a truly relaxing holiday. Cottages provide this level of freedom. Guests staying at a holiday cottage can wake up when they like, leave whenever they want and return when they desire. Nobody is bound to an itinerary. Guests are free to explore the area surrounding a cottage, enabling them to savour the delights of a region in their own way and on their own time. This is absolutely essential for most families.

Holiday cottages are often situated near to outstanding areas of natural beauty, coastal towns or entertainment venues. It is usually the case that coastal cottages are located within walking distance of a beach, while inland retreats are invariably rural.

There are plenty of fun things for families to do and see while on holiday in the UK. Beaches in Cornwall, Devon and North Wales are among the finest in Europe, while national parks, quaint villages, historic towns and entertainment resorts are readily available throughout Britain. In a nutshell, the holiday cottage provides access to all of this but at a pace to suit your family rather than the management of a hotel.



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