Come on, pledge to help the bees #PlantAPot

We recently came across this scheme from Hozelock, and were instant fans. Like, properly big we-NEED-to-share-this fans.

Because Hozelock are working to help Bees. And we ALL know bees need every tiny little bit of help they can get, yes?

One of ‘our’ bees, snapped in very-busy mode on one of our own patio pots.

There is something serious going on with the world’s bees. For nearly 2 decades, bees everywhere have been disappearing by the millions. Bees are incredible pollinators, and the only insect to produce food for us humans! They may be small, but bees, humans and plants are inextricably linked, and the decline of bees can only impact hugely on our lives. Not only should you never kill a bee, but we all need to do more – much more – to proactively help them survive.

How can I help bees?

The thing is, it’s so simple – plant pots of bee friendly plants to provide pollen and nectar for bees.
And literally everyone can do this – even if you don’t have a garden, a pot or two on a balcony or doorstep can make all the difference. Bees need forage from the moment they emerge from hibernation in the spring all the way through to the end of autumn, so the more pots you can plant, and throughout the season, the better for the bees.

And the flowers bees like? The good news is that they’re not very needy. They tend to like the cheap, common cottage garden types, the ones you can grow from seed really easily or pick up easily at garden sales, car boots or from cuttings from your Mum or Gran. And of course they look beautiful and often smell good too. What’s not to love?

Hozelock are encouraging everyone to plant one or more pots of bee friendly plants to help save the bees. They are donating to help the Flowers for Bees campaign, in partnership with O.F.A. to achieve their goal of protecting bees, through their research, development, training and education programmes.
Planting pots of bee friendly plants, or sowing some bee friendly seeds in your borders is a really easy way of providing bees with the food they need to stay healthy. The more you plant, the happier the bees will be.

So Hozelock are asking everyone to pledge to plant a pot of bee friendly plants, and promise to save bees. Every pledge for bees means a chance to win one of the great free-bees in our free prize draw.

So – what are you waiting for? Plant up a pot, and help some bees. Add your pledge to the #PlantAPot page – and also be in with a chance to win £5000 of prizes!

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