Chewits. Remember them?

chewits sweetsWhen the rather fab people at Chewits asked if we’d like a box of sweets to try out, I didn’t feel it would be polite to say no.
Well, you wouldn’t, would you?

But when the box arrived… well, let’s just say they weren’t kidding about the ‘box’ thing!

We had a whole hamper of Chewits sweets – and who knew there were so many different types? For my old brain, Chewits come in fruity flavours, and arrive in your hot little hand in square ‘sticks’; little sharp-edged sweets individually wrapped in pesky always-sticks-to-your-fingers-and-tears paper.

Shows what I know.

The stick packs are certainly there in the normal fruity flavours we all remember and love – but you also get cola and ice cream options too. Cola is probably the HIT of the hamper, much fought over loved by all the children.

We also had Chewie Gum (lemon beats the strawberry & banana apparently – those square boxes at the back of the picture are full of smaller boxes, which are full of balls of bubble gum.

Chewie Extreme bars. Oh man, these are baaaaad. Extremely Sour Apple! Eewww! It made my face do that puckered up “nyan nyan nyan” thing, and the 6yr old totally agrees with me. The teen boys LOVE them though *shudders*

The lemon and raspberry whips are great for leaving hanging out the corner of your mouth while Minecraft-ing, nibbling on occasionally as you concentrate.

In fact, more sweets have been consumed in the last few weeks than my children have had in the last year, probably.

This made them very very happy, thank you very much!



On top of their delicious range of loveliness, if you pop over to the Chewits website (which is fabulous retro in a Victorian Carnival kind of way) there’s a link to some great games and facebook apps. You know, if you should need something to occupy your brain whilst you attempt to work your way though a hamper full of sweets… *cough*

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