Cashmere Cable Snood from John Lewis #ChristmasGiftGuide

Oh, yes please ….

Soft, luxurious and timelessly chic, this cashmere snood from John Lewis will elevate your daytime cold-weather look.
Made in Italy from the fines cashmere fibres, the snood will provide ultimate warmth and comfort and will be kind and gentle on the skin.

We love it, we want it, need it …


cashmere cable snood

This rich and luxurious cashmere is sourced from the Mongolian goat, which inhabits the region of Inner Mongolia. The harsh climate enhances the growth of both an outer coarse fleece and an inner “down” type coat that naturally protects the cashmere goats from the extreme cold. It is the down portion of the coat which provides the smooth fine long hair that we use to knit our range of cold weather accessories. Combed from the underbelly of the goats, our cashmere boasts long staple yarns for the ultimate clean and luxurious texture. Only the finest white haired yarn is selected to ensure the best quality, great colour definition and natural softness. The yarns are then knitted in a family-run factory on the outskirts of Florence, Italy.


Told you it was a bit fab. So to get your hands on this piece of loveliness a wonderful Cashmere Cable Snood of your own, visit Johm Lewis now, its only £75.00 a real snip for such quality we think.

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