CarFest North with Ford

Thanks to the gorgeous Lindy at SquidgyBoo and her family who took on the tough role of trying out the new Ford S Max for me – here’s what they all thought of their first CarFest…

Festivals are a uniquely English thing and one I never really understood. I’d watch various festivals on TV and think there wasn’t anything I’d want to experience less. Then the opportunity to go to a festival came my way – CarFest North. Go to a music festival, with the bonus of checking out some pretty cool cars. I hemmed and hawed and thought I didn’t really want to go (ugh, a music festival!). In the end I decided to go because it was an experience I’d never do on my own – and I would get the chance to test drive some new Ford cars.


And actually?

It was Ama-ZING! Genuinely a life-changing experience, and I’m so glad I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone.

We were at CarFest North as guests of Ford, and they really did take care of us and made my first music festival experience an amazing one. We watched the fabulous Paul Swift Stunts perform all sorts of amazing tricks and also went for a ride around the track – to say it was a cool experience would be an understatement.

The thing about CarFest North is that it is really family friendly – I think that’s what surprised me the most, how easy it was to be there as a family.


Let me back up and say that we arrived at CarFest North in a brand new Ford S Max. The folks at Ford were kind enough to let us borrow one and we had a great time putting it through its paces on the way to the festival. I think my favourite feature of the car was the hands free way you can open the boot – just swish your foot under the bumper and the boot pops open! I mean how cool is that? OK so maybe I’m geeking out a bit too much over this option but come on – magic!

OK so back to the CarFest North, we swanned inside waving our VIP wristbands and spent a while getting a lay of the land. One of our favourite things we did was go into the Paddock (thanks VIP wristband), a special enclosure where all the classic or just downright bizarre (I’m looking at you Orange car – that’s the fruit not the colour!) cars are before they go out onto the track and checked out the amazing classic cars.


Then it was time for the music; we scoped out a prime spot in the enclosed VIP area, spread out our blanket and settled down to enjoy the music. What an amazing experience it was too! I now totally get why folks love festivals. It was such a chilled out experience and we totally enjoyed our first festival experience as a family. We loved it so much that we went back on Sunday and had an even better time the second day.

Thanks Ford for the truly wonderful experience and we’ll see you next year!





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