Caboodle Smart Bag – First Impression

We love Caboodle Bags, oh yes we do!

Whether you are a handbag or backpack or shoulder bag or any other kind of bag person or not, the first few years with a baby will MAKE you a bag person. Having just the right bag to hold all the absolutely essential cannot-even-contemplate-leaving-home-without-them bits for the baby is ESSENTIAL. The baby bag will be your best friend, your life saver and in it’s depths will hold the answer to your desperate prayers (oh yes, we DO have a spare vest right down there in the bottom corner).

In my years as a ‘professional’ mother, I’ve had experience with quite a few. To date, I would only contemplate a backpack or shoulder bag to keep hands free. On-the-shoulder bags always fall off, right at the wrong moment. So, when the Caboodle Smart Day bag landed I was hesitant…. hmmmmm, not sure this one will make me happy….. ok, it’s very cute with it’s swanky colourful dots and the shape is pleasing. Yes, yes, I actually cracked a full grin at the polka dot pink interior and matching bottle thermos pouch. BUT, I then discovered the buggy straps and absolute happiness flowed! Ahhhhh, the true convenience of having a bag sitting there, right where you want it and easy to get into. The inside pockets do away with that dance at the check-out of trying to find your purse right deep down, underneath the wet wipes. Ahh, but your wet wipes won’t be in the purse’s way anymore because they are tucked neatly in the fold-out side pockets of the change mat which has it’s own perfect slot too! I have had one minor hitch with it, the zip on the wet wipe pocket has broken off as I was in a flustered panic, clutching onto two little ankles with one hand, keeping them away from the World’s Biggest Poo and trying to get to the wet wipes with the other. Something about those situations that just increase a Mum’s strength to beyond even what Superman can muster on a good day.

The Caboodle Smart Day bag is robust too and manages to be so without looking like something out of a camping-hiking-mountain-climbing catalogue. It has a hard-wearing plastic base with tiny little feet so you can set it down and it won’t fall over. The five smaller pockets around the outside of the bag are marvellous for slotting in mobile phone, dummy, socks-that-have-just-been-kicked off and anything else you need to quickly store or have to hand.


Caboodle are constantly updating their range to keep up to date with modern trends and designs, check Caboodle’s website to see the current ranges they have to offer …. you won’t be disapointed.

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