Burgon & Ball Allotment Lunchbox and Seed Store #ChristmasGiftGuide

Christmas is coming and here is a little something for those who love to grow their own..erm veg that is, on allotments or other such parcels of land, and flowers of course definately flowers, we love pretty flowers.

Anyhoo, we found these lovely lovelies from those very fab people at Burgon & Ball two great gifts that are sure to bring a huge smile to the keen gardener in your family.


First up we have this fabulous seed packets organiser (in Burgandy)


seed packets organiser

Collect and organise seeds by planting month in this stylish powder coated tin. Comes complete with wooden pencils monthly dividers and five special seed storage envelopes to get gardeners started collecting their own seeds. This one is in Burgandy but it also comes in a fab petrol blue.

Width 28cm, Depth 20cm, Height 16cm.

Isn’t it stylish and it’s really robust too, I can definitely see this gracing Mr Littlestuff’s shed!


Next up from Burgon and Ball we have this utterly delicious offering, a fabulous allotment tool and tuck box!

Again in Burgandy and again you can also get this in the petrol blue.


tool & tuck box

The perfect gift for all owners of a vegetable patch or allotment.

A generous internal space accommodates all your veg patch essentials such as a trowel, secateurs, twine, labels, etc – while the sliding compartment in the lid holds vital gardener sustenance – sandwiches and cakes (contents not included!)

Dimensions: 28cm wide x 15.5cm deep x 25cm high.


One for Littlestuff grandparents we think!


Both offerings are beautiful, the design is just perfect giving a sense of nostalgia mixed with practicality of every day need.


A little seed for me to sow.

A little earth to make it grow.

A little hole.

A little pat.

A little wish and that is that.

A little sun.

A little shower.

And in a while, a little flower.


or veg (sigh…needs must I suppose!)


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