Breaking news: Introducing LEAPTV™, first educational, active video gaming system designed for kids from Leapfrog


With a library of 100+ educator-approved games and videos, LeapTV provides the perfect first video game experience for kids that is filled with learning and active play

LeapFrog, the leader in educational entertainment, today unveiled its first educational video gaming system, LeapTV™. Designed specifically for children aged three to eight years old, this new video game console system changes the way children learn by combining activity and movement with best-in-class educational curriculum.

With simple and intuitive user interfaces created with first time players in mind, LeapTV includes a unique transforming gaming controller that has been designed for children’s small hands and limited dexterity. It enables classic gameplay in its standard configuration, but with the simple press of a button it easily transforms into a motion controller and LED pointer controller. The LeapTV system also features a motion-sensing camera that puts a child directly in the game and a unique console design that integrates into the home.

LeapTV’s extensive Learning Library for 2014 includes 100+ fun video games and videos all developed or selected by LeapFrog’s in-house learning experts.

“It is shocking that less than one per cent of the tens of thousands of video game titles are rated appropriate for children under the age of six years. We know that young children want to experience new ways to play through technology earlier than ever, but parents quickly discover that there are very few solutions that are developmentally appropriate or educational for young children,” said Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, director of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. “At LeapFrog, we built LeapTV from the ground up to make it the best first video gaming experience for children. From the simple user interface to the innovative controller with a built-in ‘hint’ button and a world-class Learning Library all designed or approved by our Learning Team, LeapTV gets children’s minds and bodies moving while engaging in learning fun.”

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Three Unique Ways to Play

The LeapTV video game system puts learning in motion with three ways to play: body motion, pointer play and classic control.

·         Body Motion: Children become the star of their own game. The motion-sensing camera captures a child’s moves and instantly puts them into the game as they explore activities like dance and martial arts. Children can run, hop and tip-toe or wave their arms to defend goals, karate-chop fast-moving blocks, scuba dive and more.

·         Pointer Play: Pointer play takes pretend play to new levels of engagement. The controller transforms into a pointer with a simple twist and lets kids snap jungle vines, slice through coconuts, swing from building to building and more.

·         Classic Control: Classic control puts fun at a child’s fingertips. They can press the A and B buttons for fast-paced gaming, or tilt and shake the controller to navigate through an enchanted garden or race in a classic kart-racing game.leapfrog video games

Gaming Just Got Smarter

The LeapTV video game system gets kids into the action while teaching a range of skills across reading, maths, science and problem solving. LeapTV provides access to LeapFrog’s Learning Library of 100+ game cartridges, game downloads and videos all designed or approved by LeapFrog’s team of gaming and learning experts. Unique to LeapFrog, the Learning Team includes a full-time in-house team of five learning experts, all with PhDs in various specialties including education, child development and educational psychology.

All LeapFrog games draw from 2,600 skills that address the whole child, including reading, maths, science and creativity, and seamlessly blend LeapFrog’s comprehensive curriculum into age-appropriate gameplay and videos that keep children learning while having fun. With LeapTV, every child can learn and play in a way that is appropriate for them. Select games in the LeapFrog Learning Library adapt to each child’s level starting with age or level, and then automatically adjusts the learning for just the right challenge.

“At LeapFrog, we strive to offer the best first experiences for children whether through our top-selling family of tablets, the recently unveiled LeapBand activity tracker that encourages and rewards children for getting up and active, and now our incredible new educational, active video gaming system, LeapTV,” said John Barbour, chief executive officer at LeapFrog. “Our experiences engage, entertain and educate in a unique way where children are having fun while they learn. LeapTV is the perfect example of how we infuse learning through an innovative gaming experience, from exploring maths while playing sports to learning how to read while dancing to fun music. In every way, LeapTV has been designed from the ground up, just for children.”

The LeapTV system includes console, motion-sensing camera, camera mount, transforming controller with wrist strap, HDMI cable, 16GB of memory and built-in Wi-Fi which enables app downloads (sold separately). 


The LeapTV system (RRP £119.99, for children 3-8 years old) will be available online and at major UK retail locations in October 2014. Game cartridges (RRP £24.99, for children aged 3-8 years old) will be available online and at major UK retail locations, and downloadable games and apps (starting at RRP £3.50 and up, for children ages 3-8 years old) will be available via the LeapFrog App Center. For more information, visit

*By the end of 2014 and based on sales.

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