Blurb Books it’s the Schnizzle #ChristmasGiftGuide

Stuck for a gift idea? Parents or Grandparents awkward to buy for? Or perhaps you are just looking for that extra something for a stocking filler.

Then looky look no further. For Ladies and Gentlepeeps, I am proud to introduce to you, the wonderful world of Blurb Books, oh yes indeedy!

blurb books personal albums


Make the perfect gift to last a lifetime, to give pleasure all year through. Something for the parents and Grandparents to pour over on rainy days, to show off  to their friends (even though they would never admit it to you that they do!) and friends friends of course! And all from your fab family photo memories that you have stored, locked away on your computer, it’s really just as easy as that! In fact the whole process is quite enlightening, because of course you too get to look through the past years images you have taken and revisit all those wonderful lushious memories, some Im sure even you will have forgotten as well!


personal photo albums


We gave it another go this year (see some of our page screen shots right here in this article), it’s our 5th year in a row doing one of these fab books!

We created our photo book with quite a large numnber of our 2015 images (choosing what made the grade was quite hard, so many fab memories) ready for the annual Gift from the fab four for their Grandparents.

And as usual it was flippin’ brilliant.

Our experience as usual was that the paper quality was excellent, the printing was good considering there was no calibration involved, and the cover was genuinely lovely.

Better still, the process of creating it was dead simple and actually quite fun (although you do have to be a little patient as the software is huge and can require a few extra moments for loading of large image quantaties). Once you’ve uploaded your chosen images your creative side takes over you’ll be swooshing pictures about, cropping them, trying new layouts. It’s just a fab album-design-for-beginners tool – I’m quite sure anyone can get really great looking results.


blurb book photo album


And best of all, the album stays online for you to share with everyone, and will be there ready for next year as a reference to what you had done before, top banana!

See, told you it’s a schinizzle – we’ll definitely be using Blurb Books again next year of course, it’s become somewhat a tradition in the house of Littlestuff.

We chose a hard cover with an image wrap, we went for premium paper lustre finish and end sheets, the book was a 25cm x 20 cm and 38 pages of wonderful memories. The whole book cost us £28.22, (obviously different size books paper options etc will incur different costs) which is incredibly reasonable, and makes it a truly special gift.

There’s still time to get your Blurb Book for Christmas, so what are you waiting for!

Author: Courtenay

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