Blog Love – @FamilyFever tells us about the Fisher Price Starlight Mobile.

Thanks to my hugely sensible idea to thrust my hand into a running lawnmower, I’ve been out of blogging action this summer. But it’s starting to look properly empty around here – so a few blogging pals have stepped in with some posts fo their own, shouting about some great products they’ve been reviewing. First up is Family Fever…

Max and I were recently sent a Fisher Price Starlight Mobile to review.
A lot of parents will know the value of a cot mobile – something interesting to look at, and some music to listen to can often help to settle a fractious baby. The starlight mobile has soothing sleepy-time music – perfect for comfort, and for becoming part of the bedtime routine, while the sparkly, reflective stars catch the light. There is even a little starlight show that projects onto the ceiling.

So, first impressions – we love the mobile. Next step – is it easy to fit?
Well, put it this way. I am not at all technically minded – putting together ANYTHING is usually beyond me. But I managed this all by myself, and it only took a few minutes:


I like the way it looks – it is not too brightly coloured that it hurts my eyes lol, but there is more than enough for little ones to look at.
Time for the big test – what does Max think?



As you can see, Max is fascinated by this mobile! He loves the way the stars catch the light, and the pretty, soft music, and he spent a good 10 minutes just lying, and watching. And in case you were wondering…..
it’s perfect for bedtime. Max fell asleep :-)
My conclusion? This is a great, all round mobile, with many great features. The stars that reflect the light are a genius idea, as the light bounces around the room. The starlight projector offers a beautiful, soothing light show, perfect for bedtime, and the music is gentle, soft and not tinny. In short, there is nothing we don’t like about this mobile. It is definitely a must have for any nursery.

You can find out more about the Fisher Price Starlight cot mobile HERE.

Post was sent over by the lovely Kate from Family Fever.

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  1. Wow amazing review!. When I was pregnant with my little one I spent ages looking atcot mobiles and what was best and not. In the end I got the one that matched my cot bedding but it wasnt very good. This one sounds ace and perhaps if I go on to have more children I will deffo keep this one in mind! Thanks Family Fever for another great review :).

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  2. Aww what a lovely review :) thank you for sharing xx

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