Birthday party ideas for your teenager

Coming up with birthday party ideas for teenagers can be tough – they are too old for the traditional children’s party games but still too young for pubs, clubs, and festivals. Some more independent teens may be up to the task of organising their birthday celebrations themselves, but many teenagers still need their parents to do all the legwork and it can be a lot of pressure, trying to impress a bunch of young people. Here are some suggestions to help you organise a party for any teenager, from paintball to pampering. Shutterstock

Garden party

If you have a garden big enough, an outdoor party is a great way to fit in plenty of guests without having to worry too much about decorations – put up plenty of fairy lights and a gazebo in case of rain, and you are done! Get your child to create their own party playlist to prevent any embarrassment as a result of your more dated music tastes. You can hire a temporary pool/jacuzzi for your very own pool party or set up an outdoor cinema for a makeshift drive-thru movie experience. To finish the night off get some Ghengis Fireworks and set off an awe-inspiring display that is bound to impress your child’s friends.

At home pamper party

If you have a beauty-loving teenager who spends all their free time watching makeup gurus on YouTube then they will probably enjoy an at-home pamper party. You could hire some professionals to come and do their nails and makeup or let your guests do it themselves. Provide some luxurious robes for them to wear and various face masks for them to pick from, make your own footbaths using washing up bowls and foot soak. Serve up some fancy mocktails to make them feel super grown up and glamourous.


For the adventure-loving teens, paintball always goes down a treat. It is a great adrenaline-fuelled activity that gives your teens the opportunity to burn off all that excess energy while spending time in the great outdoors. The parents can even get involved in the paintballing if they want, or they can take the time to relax with a coffee and get some peace and quiet. The best thing about a paintball party is that despite maximum fun guaranteed, the effort you have to put in it is kept to a minimum – just book a party deal at your local paintballing centre and make sure all the kids are well fed after their match.

Murder mystery party

For teens that love a bit of historical drama or have a morbid fascination with true crime, a murder mystery party is great fun for any age. You can buy murder mystery sets online and they come in all different themes such as Harry Potter, Great Gatsby, or masquerade balls. The game provides the story, the clues, the evidence and all the layout for the murder mystery. Guests get to dress up to match the theme and get characters to act out whilst quizzing each other to try and discover who committed the crime.

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