Bionaire review.

Oh what a wonderfully exciting little dull bit of machinery this is!

I am happily in no real need of an air purifier. No amount of dust, pollens or pollutants will irritate my eyes, make me sneeze, or cause me restless nights.

Sadly, it is not so for the husband. He suffers from hayfever  and cat hair/dust mite allergies, usually waking feeling bunged up and itchy-eyed. He was very dismissive of the whole air-purifier malarky, and happily agreed ot review in the inetrestes of saying how rubbish it all is.

Well. This years grass pollen season has kicked in  – and he has been thanking the Gods of all things mechanical for this lovely little device.

I turn it on in the bedroom early evening, and leave it running with the windows and doors shut. By the time we go to bed the air feels different. Honestly. I didn’t really buy in to the whole ‘postive ions’ thing myself, but when this has been running for a while, you walk in to the room and wonder who opened the window, the air is so fresh and cool and clear.

But best of all – leave it running at night (which is a bit noisy, I have to say, and I would look for a quieter model if I was choosing for myself) and the husband sleeps snore-free, waking up able to breathe clearly and easily. WHAT a difference – it has transformed the miserable grass pollen months for him, and he’s refusing to be without it now.

I have also left it running in the kitchen for a few hours to clear the smell of fish cooking, and I’m sure it would be equally as efficient at getting shot of that old-dog-lives-here odour (only our own ‘old dog’ sadly stopped living here a year ago, so I can’t tell you for sure on that one). In the winter months when it’s too cold to have windows open I will most certainly be running this little machine during the day in the home office, where it gets incredibly stuffy from all the computer equipment,  to re-create that fresh outdoors feel

Thank you Bionaire – you have us converted!

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Author: Laura

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