Bettacare auto-close safety gate

A stairgate is a stairgate, right? What’s interesting about a stairgate? It either works by keeping the little cherubs out of harms way or it doesn’t. Right? Well, sit back and take note, this stairgate is not like your usual garden-variety stairgate. It has this magical ability to read your mind. It ‘knows’ that you want it to help you as you have just juggled and shifted the zillion things cradled in your arms (toy car in need of new battery, basket of laundry, dirty nappy to be disposed of, nightlight for the recharger and more) to one side to free one hand so you can open said magical gate. Aggggh, quick, gate is now open but the fragile pile is about to lose balance and crash to the floor so free hand is quickly scooped back under teetering pile as you step forward and hear that satisfying ‘click’ behind you as mystical magical gate gracefully shuts, firmly, behind you. Aahhhhhhh. Oh there are a thousand and one scenarios I could waffle on about how an automatically closing stairgate is a godsend.

So, yes, the Bettacare Auto-Close gate does exactly as it says on the box. I have it setup with an extension panel across the door from the playroom-that-used-to-be-a-dining-rooom to the garden. On sunny days (what precious few we’ve had this summer) Mr Independant 4 year old is able to come and go from garden to house (oh please mind the carpet with your mucky shoes!), totally absorbed in whatever mind-boggling but very important task he is dealing with minus any tutting and sighing from Mummy as he no longer has to remember to close the gate as Speedy-Gonzales crawling 10 month old makes a break for freedom. Phew.

Yup, this gate is good. It comes in the usual white variety or a snazzy wooden flavour with various sizes and extension panels. It’s price is only a smidge more than lesser, non-auto-closing gates and, in our opinion, is worth that bit extra.

Yup, a big thumbs up from LittleStuff.

Bettacare safety gates can now be found on the Safetots website here

Author: Laura

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