Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – the Photo Calendar

I used to resist, thinking they were a bit… tacky. Shocking, I know.
But in recent years, I was requested by the Mother In Law to create a photo calendar with the last year’s pictures of the children for her kitchen, which I willingly did.
Last year, I could resist no longer and ordered a second copy for myself… and I have just thoroughly enjoyed completing this year’s.

Apart from the joy seeing the photo’s give me each month (how often do you actually get to stop and LOOK at all those photos you take?), I totally underestimated how much the children LOVE to see them too! I tie in each month’s images with the previous year’s activities (all hail iPhoto with it’s sorting ability), so there’ll be frost and woolly hats on show in January and the beach in July. It’s a lovely way of remembering what we were doing this-time-last-year.

I’ve tried out a lot of companies over the years, but have to say that Truprint are the ones who get it RIGHT. The uploading of the images is dead easy, and the calendar creating is such a simple process – literally dragging and dropping, it creates beautiful layouts at a swish and flick.

I’m telling you this now as you still have time – last ordering date is 16th December. And if you get your skates on, there’s a 60% discount code valid until midnight on the 14th. That really brings the cost down – this is what I just spent on the biggest premium calendar size:

So that discount meant, including postage, I spent less than £10 per calendar. I know there are some cheaper ones available though other companies – but to be honest, I just don’t bother  trying them any more. For a few pounds I’d rather use Truprint’s BRILLIANT design system, trust their excellent printing, and have it arrive promptly.

The code you need is DECCAL12.





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