Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – the Micro MX Trixx Scooter. It’s sick. Dude.

trick scooter for beginnerScooters – we love them, don’t we?

But the trouble is, once they’re past the scooting-happily-along-to-nursery stage, they get a bit older, a bit braver… and they want to ‘do’ stuff. Tricksy stuff. And those early (safe) scooters just don’t cut it for your average 9yr old.

Oh no.

They want to do STUNTS. They aim to master Hops and Ollies, 180’s, Stalls and maybe even the Tail Whip. Uh huh.

So they need a stunt scooter.

Previously the issue has been that stunt scooters are that bit heavier and longer, aimed at the older market, and young beginners find it tricky to be comfortable enough in their control to be able to attempt the tricks.

But in have stepped Micro scooters, with their awesome MX Trixx.

It’s everything it needs to be.

There’s comfy, grippy BMX-style handles – essential for extended riding periods.
The T-bar is in one piece – this does mean it won’t have the longevity of an extending stem, but makes it far more sturdy to ride. And therefore safer.
The bearings are good and fast, and the wheels are metal core.
360 degree spinning front axle – this is REALLY important, and I found out the hard way years ago that cheap scooters don’t do this. I mean, how can you possibly master the tail whip when your deck won’t actually whip?
The deck is concave, so that control during stunts is easier and contact can be maintained much easier.
It’s shorter and lighter than other trick scooters, making it simply perfect for the younger beginners.
Best of all, it looks ‘epic’, and they’ll not be embarrassed and hiding round the back of the ramps at the skate park, but hurtling down the half pipe instead.

Oh good.

The MX Trixx Stunt Scooter is available direct at a smidge under £120. We totally recommend it, dude.

(and if you fancy winning one, you might want to check out today’s advent calendar competition, in which you can win a while FAMILY of micro scooters. Awesommmmme….)

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