Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – Skylanders Giants. You know you want to.

Oh, we do LOVE Skylanders. I admit – I was wary at first, thinking this was a ploy by yet another toy manufacturer to suck you in to spending more and more and more… but actually? not so. Of course you can go ahead and collect all the figures if you want to – but you don’t HAVE to. And this new game, Skylanders Giants? It works with the old figures too. HURRAH for Skylanders!

So – first up, what do you need to buy?  If you already have a portal, then you can get the Booster Pack (with Tree Rex and the game). If you don’t have the portal then you’ll need the Starter Pack with two additional Skylanders, a portal, and the game. Both also come with a poster of all of the Giants/series 2 characters, trading cards, and stickers (for the characters in the box).

The story is pretty simple. Kaos (the bad guy) is back. He goes through a portal, takes over a big robot, and the Skylanders’ job is to track him down and stop him causing trouble (helping Captain Flynn put his ship back together first).

The Giant character that comes with both games is Tree Rex. Giants are seriously strong, throwing boulders and breaking doors, and probably the one’s that get used most initially (who wants a tiny dragon when you can use Tree Rex?). The giants are twice as big as Series 1 figures, and when they are on the portal their eyes and weapons light up.

But – the Giants aren’t simply all-powerful. They have downsides too – it’s trivky to be nimble in attack-dodging when you’re that slow and clumsy (you want something like  a dash power, or else you’ll b lumbering around for ages).

If you have never played Skylanders before, Giants is fine to jump right into – there’s no need to do the first game before it. And young children LOVE it – as the commands are both spoken and written, even learner-readers can follow them easily.

So – yes yes yes. It’s one of our favourite computer games for the children. And the big children too…

Skylanders Giants Starter Pack is currently available for a flash under £50 on Amazon


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