Bestest Christmas Gift guide – Razor Ultra Pro Lo, the big boy of kick scooters

I have three boys, and they are all mad keen on the skate park.


(*whispers*) They’re all a le-e-tle bit afeared of the whole skateboard thing.

No, they’re all MUCH happier when they have a handle to hang on to.

And of course there comes a time in every child’s life when they realise that the fantabulous Ben 10/Fifi/ ScoobyDoo scooter they’ve been hurtling around on just isn’t quite cutting it on the social front anymore.

For your 8yr old, that green plastic scooter they had when they were 5 is NOT going to be taken to the Skate Park. It’s NOT up to bunny hops. And they refuse to even take it out any more, telling you the old lie

“Oh, no, I’m not really into scootering any more, it’s for babies”.


This is the point that Razor step in.

If you’re not au fait with scooters, you’ll have to trust me on this.
Razor are Where It’s At.

Socially, they’re deemed “coooo-o-o-ol” by Those Who Know.

More importantly to any sensible parent – you actually get what you pay for. Solidly built to stand up to any amount of Jayhop-and-Grind practice (Impressed, arencha? *smug face*), they can get continuously hammered at the skate park and STILL carry their tired legs home smoothly.

And this particular model, the Ultra Pro Lo Scooter? This is about as good as it gets. Designed specifically for stunt riding, this is about as tough as a scooter can be (which, regardless of your child’s trickery levels, is one of the key features for me).

Want the geeky tech bit?

“The rigid down tube increases stability and ride performance. The deck is double-welded to the down tube and thicker for superior strength. The bearings have been upgraded to ensure a smoother ride and the grips are low profile to enhance mobility.”

Razor is the most trusted brand in scooters for a reason, and I honestly won’t get anything else for my boys.

Check out the Razor range on Amazon here

Author: Laura

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