Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – Makin Bacon……popbac?

So. You love popcorn. You need that movie snack… but you love bacon just as much.
Oh no! Its  a snack dilemma! What to have with your movie?

You want your favourite snack, but which IS your favourite?
Bacon or popcorn?

You love them both, it’s toooo hard to decide, each has its upside and its downside for preparation…but its worth the hassle, right? I mean for both, the taste sensations are in your opinion out of this world, and nothing else will do.  If you get it wrong, you know you’ll be left with that longing feeling, that empty something is not-quite-right feeling. Your favourite snack to watch you’re your favourite movie has to be just right; without it, it just won’t be that perfect moment. It’s all about experience, right?

And So – Hooray! Shout three cheers and punch the air with glee.
The perfect solution is presented to you by those fabulous people at At last you can have your cake and eat it…or at least your bacon and popcorn and eat it!
Oh yes indeed!
What’s this I hear you say? Sounds most strange I hear you mutter…
Well maybe; to most heathens (who do not love Bacon and popcorn thus) it may well seem this way. But to me its manna from heaven…well, from Firebox anyway! It’s BACON POPCORN of course!
Yes, you heard it right – bacon popcorn. Pure and utter genius in a packet.
Thank you Firebox – thank you, thank you, thank you.
Never again shall there be a Movie Snack Angst Attack. My favourite snacks are finally rolled into one – and it’s sooo easy too. All you need is a microwave and you’re done.

Movie snack perfection.

Now – where’s the remote control?

Bacon Popcorn is available from Firebox at £6.99 for a box of three microwaveable bags of the good stuff.


Now where’s the remote control

Author: Laura

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