Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – Crayola DigiTools for iPad

Crayola DigiTools

Crayola DigiTools – £39.95 at The Apple Store

If you have an iPad and young children this is one of the BEST Christmas gifts this year. If you fit that criteria you’ll already know that kids love iPads and that love can be a lifesaver for parents in situations such as airport lounges, traffic jams and any other such situation that involves lots of waiting around.

The Crayola DigiTools Ultra Pack (only available via The Apple Store in the UK at present) gives you a whole heap of modern colouring fun. In the pack you get a digital crayon, a digital airbrush,  a colour change roller, a rainbow roller, a stamper and a 3-D tool with 3-D glasses. You download the three Crayola DigitTools apps from the App Store (or via the Crayola website here), unlock them with the digital stamper and away you creatively go!

Crayola DigiTools Apps

Oh the things you can do, it’s so much fun and yes, I did lose myself for a few hours, testing them all out, very theraputic! I especially love the glitter effect and the rainbow roller.  But, let me just remember that this is (mostly) for kids and my 6 year old thinks it is AMAZING. He has spent quiet, happy hours with it. The colouring pictures are fabulous but he rather liked the blank pages – in any colour you like too – it’s like having an endless stack of coloured paper, use as many sheets as you like, your Mum will not tut at the waste of trees. One small word of caution, initially your child could do with some supervision, make sure they aren’t pressing too hard or banging the iPad screen – it would be horrendous if an over-enthusiastic colouring fenzy resulted in a smashed screen!

 The Crayola DigiTools Ultra pack gets a massive thumbs up from LittleStuff and an enormous recommendation for Christmas. We love that Crayola, a brand that has been around for over 100 years and started with the humble wax crayon, has evolved and embraced this modern 21st Century whilst still doing what it set out to do; inspire kids to get creative.

Crayola DigiTools Ultra Pack

Crayola DigiTools Ultra Pack

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