Bestest Christmas Gift Guide – Amie Gift Set. Gentle skin care for Teens

I’m loving the Amie range. It’s so gentle it’s perfect for the that pre-pubescent skin that has troublesome little spot outbreaks, but which you really don’t want to submit to the harsh chemicals of the ‘spot treatment’ gubbins.

Lots of girls have lovely skin that experiences episodes of extra-oiliness and breakouts during their teens and twenties. In their quest for effortlessly blemish-free skin, they are often tempted to use products that are too harsh or aggressive for their young skin  – which can cause more problems in the long run than they solve: for example, skin can feel dry and stripped, itchy, sensitised and can also lead to the over-production of oil and more spots, not fewer !

So Amie developed a range to provide an effective, natural solution that really works for girls as young as 12 upwards. They have ditched all the traditionally-used chemicals, such as sulphates, petrochemicals, alcohol and mineral-oils that really have no place in a modern skincare range designed for young skin.

The Amie ‘PERFECT BEAUTY’ Christmas Gift Set is set in an Amie cosmetic bag in pretty pink with signature floral design containing four full-sized essential Amie Skincare elements:

• Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser – award-winning mattifying oil-free moisturizer with bilberry and rosehip that keeps shine and oil under control all day.

• Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make Up Remover – this oil-free formula contains cornflower and cucumber and sweeps away eye make-up without irritating the delicate eye area.

• New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish – gorgeous mango seed butter exfoliating wash that gently, yet effectively, cleanses pores whilst smoothing away dulling dead skin cells.

• Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash – best-selling raspberry and orange blossom creamy facial wash that effortlessly cleanses delicate facial skin to lift away dirt, oil and make-up while leaving skin soft and moisturized.

It works, it’s gentle and it’s unashamedly floral and fresh in it’s packaging too – we love it! Perfect teen gift this year.

The Amie Christmas Gift Set is available direct from Amie for £20.

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