Best vintage kitchen touches for the modern home

The kitchen is a significant room in any home – it’s simply where you spend a lot of time. Not just cooking, but chatting and generally hanging out. If you are the parent of a teenager, it is also where you will spend time cleaning up their food spillages and find them searching for snacks!
We had a new kitchen 14 years ago and it’s definitely showing its age; raising four kids through the heart of the home shows the wear and tear more than some homes would!
So – how do you go about making a change? It’s such a big decision, and one you’ll be living with the results of for years (and years – the average timespan of living with a kitchen is 10-15yrs).
Well – for us the first thing on the list was to call in the professionals – we’ve been living with the kitchen for so very long that it’s just hard to see it in any other way. Having a professional design your home means that your eyes are opened to all manner of new possibilities and options; we spoke to Hammonds (no I hadn’t realised they did kitchens either, but their range is amazing), and they not only slightly changed the layout, but gave us some amazing storage solution suggestions too; when your kitchen isn’t big then having a professional maximise the space and practicality is priceless.

So now on to the design details – important for helping to create the welcoming, stylish feel you desire.

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For many modern homes, this can be a little tricky. The modern trends in interior kitchen design can be great but things like a minimalist approach are not for every family. A great tip to make your kitchen feel warmer and more unique is to add some vintage decor touches to it when planning or redesigning it. Mixing some vintage touches with a modern kitchen can really help it come alive and get the best of both worlds. It not only works for you but will also go down well with any teenagers.

But what are the best ways to add some vintage charm to a modern kitchen?

Window shutters

One great way to add something that looks contemporary but still has traditional charm is with window shutters. Do not worry if you have some bay windows in your kitchen – there are some superb shutters for bay windows available to buy online which can be fitted with no hassle.  Although window shutters have been popular for a long time, they still look at home in any modern property. They will not only add some real charm and warmth to any kitchen but also make it easier to control how much light comes into the room. When you also add in the extra privacy they bring and how visually impressive they look, shutters are an attractive option.

Funky cabinets

We all need kitchen cabinets in which to store our pots, pans and plates. But just because they are functional does not mean they have to be bland or boring. A great way to keep your kitchen looking modern but with a touch of vintage pizazz lies in the cabinets you use. A great idea is to have wooden units or cabinets painted in pale pastel shades. If you accessorise with wooden handles or knobs, then you will get a look that is perfect for the modern day but gives that quirky feeling you are after.

Pick up some retro style appliances

Any family home needs modern appliances like a dishwasher or cooker to function. But just because you need these contemporary appliances does not mean they have to be ultra-modern with sharp angles. To make your kitchen more appealing to the eye and unique, why not think about buying some appliances with a more retro design? You can pick up some now which have more curves and a real flow to how they look. When you put a few together when designing a kitchen, they can make a really big impression.

Vintage paintings or knick-knacks

One way to get the look you want in your kitchen is with the paintings and accessories you have on show. This is a great way to add a little vintage touch but without it being too overpowering when blending with a modern kitchen. Old posters or signs are a superb idea and can really have a dramatic effect. The same is true for the accessories you have on display, either on kitchen worktops, the kitchen table or in kitchen display units. Don’t be afraid to have fun little knick-knacks that reflect your personality and make your contemporary space a bit more vintage.

Don’t forget the vintage lighting

If you are looking to combine the modern look with a little vintage twist in your kitchen, then light fittings are key. These are unobtrusive to the eye in many ways but actually do make a big difference to the feel of any kitchen space. If you are wanting a little more quirkiness in your kitchen, think about using fittings made out of materials like brass and go for bulbs that are not your standard contemporary style ones.

Bring vintage and contemporary together

The great thing about using some vintage touches in your kitchen is that they blend very well with modern homes. That means it will not look out of place when done right and will help give your contemporary kitchen a little more warmth and personality. You can just add a little artisan charm or go for an all-out vintage makeover; the choice is yours.

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