Just the Best & Prettiest Kindle Fire HDX Case – Lente Designs review

When the 8yr old got a Kindle Fire HDX for her birthday,  I kew it should have been a double-gift, and come with a Kindle Fire HDX case. Because it is utterly pointless anyone at all having a nice tablet if they haven’t got a nice case. Quite apart from the pretty-factor (let’s be honest, tablets are NOT attractive things), there is the serious issue of protection. Having an unprotected tablet around is simply asking for scratching, denting, and of course the old classic left-on-the-bedroom-floor-for-a-desk-chair-leg-to-smash-the-screen-ing *cough*

I didn’t even hesitate or shop around – I went straight to Lente designs. I have had my own kindle in a Lente case since I got it in 2011 – four years later and it’s still a thing of beauty that pleases me every time I pick it up to read. I love it so much, that I never even questioned where a new Kindle case should come from.

So I whizzed straight over to Lente Designs site, and searched for the HDX – it’s juts no good having a case that isn’t fitted to your specific model, the gaps for the buttons are I the wrong places, and it becomes a pain in the back side very very quickly. Thankfully, they’re smart and wonderful cookies: every single Kindle Case you might need is covered, from the basic original Kindle (mine!) through the Paperwhite, the Voyager and the complete Fire range too.

And they’re all sooo pree-e-e-tty…


What I love most about Lente Designs is that it’s a small UK company – all the tablet cases are British designed and made with premium textiles and build quality. I love supporting small independent British businesses; particularly when I get such a great product at the end of it.

I opted for the ‘Siena Stripes’ design – fresh and funky enough for an 8yr old girl, with matching lining in her favourite blue. The Siena design is hand printed onto natural cotton canvas – which means it may not be as ‘machine perfect’ as bigger brands, but we love it all the more for that (and if I’m honest, I’ve never spotted a flaw myself).

Because the case is designed specifically for the Kindle Fire HDX, it not only fits perfectly, all the cut outs are in exactly the right places to allow access to the buttons, the camera and the speakers.

The lining is super-soft suede-like lint-free microfibre, which keeps the screen scratch free and fully protected. The case is rigid like a hard-back book, which means it feels safe when the daughter is carrying it through the house, and would provide decent protection against afore-mentioned desk chair leg… *cough*


The front of the casde actually has the ability to fold – which means it double as a brilliantly practical stand. Not so essential for basic kindles, but for a tablet like the Kindle Fire, it’s SO useful. And having two options makes it work wherever you are – either quite upright for esential YouTube watching, or angle at a useful typing angle.




In short, the quality is fabulous, and I fully expect the daughter to still be using the case in four years time – just as I still expect to be using mine, too.


Lente Design’s Kindle Fire HDX case range is currently reduced down to under £15. I can’t tell you how much of a ridiculous bargain this is (actually, I can. It’s a ridiculous bargain, and you HAVE to go shop for a new tablet case yourself, right now…).

kindle fire hdx fabric casesIf stripes aren’t your thing (silly billy, stripes are everybody’s thing), then you might like one of the floral designs (and this is just what you can choose for a Kindle Fire HDX – every tablet and eReader has its own properly delicious range of colours to choose from – and ALL are currently on sale)

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