Our Best Advent Calendars for Teenagers – 2023 edition

Teenagers. Occasionally a tricky beast to please. And advent calendars for teens can be even trickier.
Obviously they want an advent calendar just like everyone else in the house (we all know that teens are 50% 30yr olds / 50% 6yr olds). So as always we’ve been looking for the best Advent Calendars for Teenagers. They’re too old for the traditional ‘open the door to find the cute picture or chocolate’ option (although the 50% 6yr old part secretly yearns for such things… ). And of course they’re too young for the more adult alcohol-fuelled offerings.
So we have come up with a great list of the best Advent Calendars for Teenagers that will get more than just a grunt of approval from your teen this December. Help to make them feel appreciated and just as much a part of the seasons little traditions as they always have been.
Growing up and getting adulty is rough.
(And it’s a good idea to keep a few spare chocolates aside too, just in case…)

This post contains affiliate links – you don’t pay any more, but I may earn a teensy smidge of commission (which frankly just helps my coffee habit). But I never recommend something to you I wouldn’t recommend to my sister. And yes, I do love my sister.

make own retro video games Advent Calendars for Teenagers

Eight Innovation Electronic Games Advent Calendar

This one is proving SO popular, it’s selling like the proverbial cakes from the oven.
I challenge your gaming teen not to be fully captured by this cool advent, all about creating and building your very own classic video games. Fun, retro, cool – and sneaking in a wee bit of education in there too when they’re not looking.

The Eight Innovation Electronic Games Advent Calendar is £25 from Amazon

LEGO 76267 Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar 2023

Are they EVER too old or too cool for LEGO? No. No they are not.
Does Marvel ever become not cool?
Again, no.
Can a LEGO Marvel advent calendar ever be anything but a total hit, then?
And thrice I say NO, silly!

I rest my case.

(The 24 gifts include 7 LEGO Marvel Avengers minifigures including Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Okoye, Wong and Black Widow)

Actually an absolute LEGO bargain at £22.50 on Amazon

The Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar 2023

HOT CHOCOLATE. One sachet of Italian hot sweet silky luxury choclatey goodness for every day in the countdown to Christmas. Includes various flavours: Original, Strawberry, Mint, Orange, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Caramel, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Macaroon, coffee and chilli.

Get your Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar from John Lewis for £22.50

NEW 2023 Advent Calendar SHOCKING SCIENCE by The Purple Cow

  • MEET THE FUN SIDE OF SCIENCE – This unforgettable countdown to Christmas calendar is for kids with an inquisitive mind that are keen to explore the magic of science.
  • HOURS AND HOURS OF PLAY TIME- Open up the big box to discover 24 small boxes. Each box hides a jaw dropping magical experiment or trick from the amazing and never ending world of science
  • EASY TO DO with the CHILDREN’S GUIDE – The illustrated step-by-step guide comes along with pictures to accompany the DETAILED instructions.
  • S.T.E.M. LEARNING – These science tricks stem from the fields of physics, illusions, robotics and chemistry

NEW 2023 Advent Calendar SHOCKING SCIENCE by The Purple Cow £25

LOOKFANTASTIC Advent Calendar 2023

Yes, we know, this one’s a bit spendy. But for the more discerning beauty-obsessed teens, meet the LookFantastic 2023 Advent Calendar, with over £565-worth of product inside…  
See the website for a full list of what’s include. But from eye masks to serums, gel brows to candles, and PMD, Elemis and Rituals off the top of my head, it’s going to keep any beauty fan happy through December.

The LOOKFANTASTIC Advent Calendar 2023 is available now (they sell out every year, so don’t hang about) for £99

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2023

  • MASSIVE FLAVOURS: The wildly popular Candy Kitten sweets’ fruit flavours are so intense vegan sweet lovers have been known to call the Christmas kitten police.
  • IT’S NOT JUST GOURMET FOOD: Get your gourmet on because our vegan kitten sweets are for connoisseur’s only – if you love them, you’ll be one, whatever it means … we just want you to love them
  • NATURAL, NATURAL, NATURAL: Did we say natural? Packed with yummyness Candy Kittens have a minimum 10% fruit juice + natural flavouring & colouring. There are no artificial ingredients in candy kitten sweets – just the wholesome, wholesomeness of the very fruit juicy juiciness.

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2023 on Amazon now for just £10

Bonne Maman Limited Edition Spreads and Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

Got a teen with a mature taste? Never mind the beauty products – let’s hit the toaster. Every door opens to reveal a jar of unusual Christmas flavour combinations – available only at this time of year, created especially for this Christmas advent calendar.
There are 17 Mini Jars (30g) of fruity jam or sweet spread, plenty to enjoy over the festive period. Along with six Herbal Teas to relax and warm up with on a cold winter’s day. Plus an EXTRA GIFT: Enjoy a surprise gift on day 24, just before the big day.

This Bonne Maman Fruit Jam Advent Calendar is available to buy from Amazon for just under £29

Yankee Candle Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Because when all else fails them, the scented candles will never let them down. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that EVERY teen loves a scented candle. And if you’re going to do it, do it right with The Yankee Candle Collection. Fresh evergreens, delicious home baked treats and a wintry wonderland covered in snow.

Yankee Candle was created on Christmas 1969. Sixteen-year-old Mike Kittredge, too broke to buy his mother a present, melted some crayons to make her a candle. A neighbour saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her. With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles – one for his mum, and another to sell.

Get your own fab Yankee Candle Christmas Tree Advent Calendar this year from Candles Direct from £18

yankee candle advent for teenagers 2022

POLISHED – 24 days of nails!

Each pocket houses a Claire’s goodie that helps make at-home manicures salon-grade. Included in this set are nail polishes, glitter, nail art & gems, and so much more: 

  • 7 nail polishes, 1 glitter, 4 nail files, 6 nail stickers, 1 nail gem sticker sheet, 2 nail art tapes, 1 cuticle pusher, 1 pair of  toe separators, 1 tweezer

The POLISHED advent calendar was £35, but is currently reduced to £21. GO GO GO!

(And when you’re done sorting the teens, be sure to click HERE to go and see our similarly hand-selected best Advent Calendars for Grown Ups. Because YES, you deserve one too, dammit. And why shouldn’t yours contain gin, wine, posh chocolates or expensive beauty treats? It’s December, you’ll be earning it.)

Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar 2023

You gotta love some popcorn, I know it’s a firm favourite snack with the teens in our household. And, by the way, it’s way healthier than most snacks you keep in the cupboard!

This offering from the fab Joe & Seph contains 24 bags in 12 different flavours. Oh, and they are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians too, win win! Sure to delight your teen.

Get your Joe & Sephs Popcorn calender from Amazon for just under £30

Mochi Squishies advent calendar 2023

Cute and Adorable! These little kawaii squishies are a delightful way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. Get a new squishy toy from each surprise box every day from 1st to 24th December – some of them are luminous too! – and a Santa mochi squishy at the end.

The Mochi Squishies advent calendar is £20 on Amazon

The DIY Advent drawers – Artemio Wooden advent calendar to decorate Geometric, Wood, 40 x 6.5 x 40 cm

I really like this one. You get the set of 24 drawers pre-assembled, but the numbers and handles aren’t yet attached. So you can decorate how you wish (I like the idea of covering them with a random collection of Christmas wrapping paper odds), and then add the numbers and knobs.

Then simply fill with an assortment of things for your teenager – a scented tealight, some sweets, a bracelet, some seeds … whatever they like. It’s totally bespoke and unique to you. And, of course, reusable every year.


The Artemio Wooden advent calendar to decorate is a little over £30 on Amazon

Traditional Night Before Christmas

If you have an eco-conscious climate-worrying teenager (show me one that isn’t), this might be your best bet yet.
There are no gifts, so there’s no waste, no plastic, no landfill … just a sweet traditional calendar, opening a door to an image each day; and it’s endlessly reusable, year after year.
It’s also just £10…

TILZ Makeup Calendar 2023

  • Tilz Q-KI Once Upon a Time 24 Days of Beauty Christmas Advent Calendar with 24 beauty gifts inside.
  • Guarantee a merry Christmas with this special gift set and show how much you care. This makes a lovely present and is the ideal way to pamper your loved ones.
  • Treat your loved ones to a merry Christmas with our exciting range of Christmas presents. Find the perfect way to spoil somebody special or have a giggle choosing your secret Santa gifts. With something for everyone, your Christmas shopping this year can be stress-free!
  • Bask in the glamour, sparkle and fun of Christmas with the Q-KI Cosmetics 24 Days of Beauty New York Advent Calendar.
  • Open each of the 24 windows to reveal a new cosmetic surprise.

The TILZ Makeup Calendar 2023 is £25 on Amazon

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2023

Seriously,. what’s not to love? EVE RY LEGO fan wants one. We’ve plumped for Star wars again this year – featuring nine characters, ten mini-build toy vehicles and five Star Wars Saga mini builds. Inspire festive fun from a galaxy far, far away in the run-up to Christmas

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2023 a tad under £30

Bomb Cosmetics Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar

Bath bombs. Because yes, pleasethankyou.
This fab calendar is festively-filled with a selection of deluxe sample sized Bath Blasters, Mallows, Creamers and Soaps all lovingly mixed, coloured, poured, shaped and fragranced by hand.

The Bomb Cosmetics Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar is just a smidgen under £29

Exit Advent Calendar Game: Mystery of the Ice Cave

The advent calendar that is an Exit game and an adventure story in one. If they love escape rooms, they’ll love this! Behind each door is a tiny 3D room containing a puzzle, the solution of which – day by day – brings you closer to rescue. Only by solving all 24 riddles will you reveal the secret of the mysterious ice cavern and find the exit.
• Ages 12*
• Contains 24 x 10 minutes playing time
with 35 Riddle Cards, 9 Strange Items and secret additional material, Story Book, Help Book with Rule Sheet, 3 Decoding Strips (in Help Book), Decoding Table.

EXIT game advent calendar is available from Ryman for £30

(and if you want some more inspiration, you can find our pick of advent calendars over the years right here.)

advent calendars for teenagers

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